If you are someone who spends hours in getting a hairstyle done right but ends up getting frustrated because of those errant baby hairs, then girl we have got you covered! We all have gone through this situation where we have tried almost everything to tame down those pesky and frizzy hairs that ruin our hairstyle. However, you don’t need to worry as we have some easy hacks, which you can follow to get rid of these obstinate strands in minutes.

Use Cool Air


There can be chances that you have been facing a lot of baby hair because these little strands on your head are dry and damaged.  It is hard to comb these dry little manes, and if you will use heat on these strands it will only make them drier and difficult to manage. So if possible try and avoid using too much heat, but if it’s necessary then put the setting of your dryer on a medium to low. Once you have styled your hair put the setting on cool air and give the final blow to seal the cuticles and tame them easily.

A Moustache or Toothbrush Brush

toothbrush for baby hair

This hack can help you make your baby hair disappear instantly! All you need is to get your hands on a mustache brush of your bother or husband and apply some Vaseline on it with your fingers. Now once you have styled your hair, take the mustache brush and roughly run through it on the top of your hair to settle down the baby hair.

Another way of dealing with these annoying strands is to use your old toothbrush. Just spritz some hair spray on your brush and then run the toothbrush through the hair like a comb, pressing it against the baby hair to lie them down.

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Apply Styling gel

styling cream for baby hair

Who said styling gel, wax, or cream are only for the boys? If you are facing stubborn baby hair on your hairline or crown area, then using the styling gels is the best option. You need to scoop out some gel or wax with the help of your finger and dab it gently on your baby hair and then comb it usually. If you are worried that a styling cream will make your hair look flat, then you can run your comb from backward to the front motion, and then flip or style the hair normally.

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Styling Your Hair Smartly

styling for baby hair

Image courtesy: haircutlover

If you do not want to spend time and put the effort into taming down the baby hair then it's best to choose your hairstyles carefully. The messy buns and ponytails are in trend that does not need any styling and yet look very chic and casual. These hairstyles are great for keeping your baby hair as it is without making them look odd out. So instead of setting those tiny hair, you can flaunt it and make them look natural.

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