If you are one of those who possess a lot of perdumes and body mists then you may know the rules of storing them the right way. In case you do not, worry not, here is a guide in how must you maintain and store all those pricey, beloved perfumes you have in your collection. 

Keep the Bottle Closed Until The First Spritz  

This is one mistake many of us tend to make as we want to open and smell a perfume the moment we buy it. But dear readers it is a big mistake! You must never open a perfume untill you have to use it. The moment you open it, you introduce it to oxygen due to which the scent dilutes and oxidises. With more oxygen and less scent in  the bottle, the fragrance will definetely diffuse.

Dark Place Storage

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Sunlight and perfume are sworn enemies, just remember that. When you buy those super expensive perfumes, storing them is just a small step for them and it is worth it. When sunlight hits a perfume bottle, it breaks down rhe molecular formula of the fragrance. It gets worse if the bttle is made of plastic. To avoid such a situation where the fragrance can alter the DNA of a fragrance, store your bottle in a dark and cool place.

Dry Place

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It is not just a dark place but we also need a dry place to store the fragrances as moisture and humidity can ruin it all just like sunlight. It can also cause unwanted chemical reactions. So it is best that you do not store it in your bathroom. The bottles sure look pretty and some times you feel like h=showing off but you will be wasting your own money. Any place with temperature fluctuations must not have perfumes. 

Original Boxing

Try to store the perfumes in the respective original boxes only. Even if the cardboard looks flimsy, the box has been made to hold the bottle. It also increases the life of a scent. It is best to store it in a dark cupbard which is away from sunlight and heat. 

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Low-Level Shelf

When you place your perfumes on a shelf, try to do so on a low level because if it is kept on a high up shelf and by mistake if it falls, your wallet will feel the dent and in addition to that, the fragrance will be overwhelming and the room will have a strong smell causing migrains. 

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Never Leave The Cap Open

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Never the leave the cap of the perfume bottle open after use. Make sure you seal it tight. If the bottle remains open for long, you lose the fragrance and it can ruin the balance of the notes as well. Not just that, I have seen my mother's Chanel bottle content evaporate when she left it like that for 2 days! 

No Shaking

Some people have a habit of shaking bottles but well when it comes to perfume. Please refrain. You are inviting unwanted oxidation via bubbles into our favorite and expensive scents. Also, the delicate chemical compounds get broken easily and this is the last thing you want. 

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Smaller Vials When Traveling

No matter how much you want to carry a huge bottle, it is advisable that you bu a smaller version of your favourtite scent whenevr you are travelling. If you carry a small bottle which will open again and again since you wil be out, a smaller bottle will not bother you so much. 

Air-Tight Container

If you have some super expensive and very important perfume bottles then is advised that you store them in an air tight container. This is just to ensure their longevity. Opt for double packing them until usage. Keep them in their original box. 

Follow these tips to make your perfume last long when on stand by and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.