Fragrances in the market today are available in many forms be it a body mist, an EDT, a perfume, perfume oil and attars or itra. If we want something lasting which lingers on our clothes as well and stays on us the whole day and night then the confusion arises between a perfume and an attar. Earlier attars were available in a limited number of fragrances like Oudh, jasmine or mogra being some of them but today due to the demand, attar manufacturers too have come up with multiple choices. The catch is how do you know what is better between perfume and attar. So here is a comparison that might help you out in selecting what resonates with you more. 

Oils & Sprays


Genuine attars are more of oil while perfumes come in the form of sprays. Attars are extremely concentrated and they are formulated using botanical sources which are turned into oils. Perfumes are a no-brainer as they contain alcohol most of the time which makes them last longer. 

The Process Of Making Them


Perfume is made using essential oils or attars themselves with some synthetic molecules and of course alcohol. Whereas, when we speak of attars, they are generally made using a traditional method of hydro-distillation with most having a base in sandalwood oil. The raw material which is used in making attars are parts of plants which includes their roots, the flowers, leaves etc. 

You Like It Synthetic Or Natural

While attars are based on nature, some of our most favourite perfumes are chemical driven. Attars use flowers while perfumes use chemicals which can also be harmful. But here it depends on person to person, skin type to skin type. Some people are also super allergic to genuine natural products so you will have to test it out. 

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eco friendly

Attars are bio-degradable and good to the nature when we compare it with perfumes. You cannot mix perfume with water in our water bodies or in the air as that can be harmful due to the presence of chemicals in general. If your perfume is synthetic then there is your answer. 


As compared to attars, perfumes have alcohol molecules hence the projection is anyday better than attars.

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If you invest in a true sandalwood based attar then it will indeed be expensive as the labour intensive process which is needed to produce them is no joke. Also, these attars are very rare to find and you have to be good at recognising a genuine attar as today the market is full of duplicates. 

When we speak of high-end perfumes, a lot depends on the brands. Some designer perfumes cost a bomb while some can be cheaper or cheap which many of us prefer due to out pocket size. 

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