Mascara is one thing that most girls just can’t live without. Made to voluminise and elongate your lashes, mascara gives your eyes a gorgeous look. However, most mascaras run down your face by noon but the waterproof ones are a blessing and stay on all day long.

However, you are in trouble when you have to remove the mascara from your eyes. A simple cleansing and washing routine is surely not enough. Therefore, we are here with a few tips on how to remove waterproof mascara without harming your lashes.

Use Eye Makeup Removers

As the name suggests, these are made specifically for the eyes. These are designed in a way that they remove waterproof mascara safely. All you need to do is sprinkle a few drops on a cotton pad and sweep it over your eyes and you are done.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoos are hypoallergenic, thus are quite safe for your eyes. Also, it is a super easy way to get rid of waterproof mascara from your lashes. All you need to do is take a small amount of baby shampoo and sweep it on your eyelashes with a damp cotton pad.

Then, use a wet cloth to remove any excess from the lids. However, be careful to not use regular shampoo. This is because a baby shampoo is designed to not irritate the sensitive areas but a regular shampoo can be harmful.

Cold Cream

cold cream remove mascara

Known for being super gentle on the skin, cold cream is another wonderful method to remove mascara from your eyelids. In order to remove your mascara, apply cold cream as a deep conditioning treatment on your skin and your lashes. After a few minutes, wipe it clean with a warm washcloth. This procedure will instantly remove the stubborn mascara from your lashes.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil remove mascara

The all-rounder coconut oil is a great way to grow your lashes and in the process, it can also remove the mascara. Just take a little bit on a cotton pad and simply sweep it on your lids. Then, cleanse your face properly in order to make sure that there is no residue left.

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DIY Solution

This DIY solution is easy to make and super helpful. You just need to take 2 tbsp. of almond or jojoba oil with 2 tbsps. Witch hazel and a little bit of water. Now, pour this solution into a clear container and shake it up until the mixture combines properly. Now, dip a cotton swab into the container and remove the mascara.

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Olive Oil

olive oil remove mascara 

The most simple way to remove the olive oil is by using something that you can find right in your kitchen, olive oil. Just put some olive oil on your lashes using your fingers. Once you’re done, use a cotton ball to wipe it off and you are done. 

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