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How To Protect Your Skin From Redness & Breakout During Holi

Holi colours can cause a lot of damage to your skin, therefore it is important to take special care of your skin during this time of the year.
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The days are warmed up, and spirits are high as the festival of colours and uncontrolled joy is round the corner. Just like other festivals, preparations are started in advance. Apart from colours, decoration and food, the Holi festival also demands special attention to the skin. The application of colours during Holi makes your skin greasy, dry or wet and it can harm your skin.

Follow these tricks and tips by Dr Swati Takkar, Skincare Expert, Derma Essentia to protect your skin from redness and breakdown during this festive season. 


Wear clothes that cover all your skin. It is the best defence to avoid direct contact with colours. Wear clothes of light fabrics that dry up and water does not get absorbed into your skin. This will make your skin dry and you can enjoy Holi for long hours. So cover yourself more and enjoy Holi without damaging your skin. 

Organic Colours

organic holi redness breakout

The whole world is having an organic approach. We should also pick organic colours that are produced with safe active ingredients. Organic colours can be washed easily and they do not endure redness and rashes after the festival. Organic colours can avoid other skin problems like breakdown and eczema.

Oil And Aloe Vera Cover-Ups

Chemicals can easily penetrate dry skin. So when you are stepping out for Holi, cover your body with coconut oil, vitamin E oil or olive oil. You can also apply Aloe Vera on your face and exposed area. Aloe Vera will not allow colours to settle on the skin and can be easily washed away. It makes your skin hydrated, supple and soft.

DIY Scrubs To Remove Colours

It’s natural that after Holi celebrations you want to scrub off colours from your face. Avoid over-exfoliation and harsh scrubs that can irritate your skin. You can use SLS free gentle scrubs or homemade DIY scrubs. Besan mixed with milk, rice flour with rose water or with curd. Massage your skin with these scrubs and wash with cold water.

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Apply Sunscreen

sunscreen holi redness breakout

Not applying sunscreen isn’t a good option because the sun can never be friends with your skin. During Holi continuous exposure can make the situation worse, Holi colours lead to sunburn, redness, itching and skin breakdown. To avoid skin damage apply heatproof and sweatproof sunscreen of SPF 30. Reapply sunscreen if you are more than 4 hours in the sun.

Stay Hydrated

Playing Holi is fun, but it also drains your water and makes you dehydrated. If you want to keep your skin fresh and healthy internally, stay hydrated and drink a lot of clean water. 

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What You Should Do After Holi

besan holi redness breakout

  • Take a shower immediately after playing Holi.
  • Apply ubtan, made of turmeric and curd. It will easily remove colours from your body.
  • Use aroma oil, sea salt and glycerin to remove colours. Take a bath of lukewarm water.
  • Apply moisturiser to your body and face to avoid dryness. 

Enjoy your festival of colours without worrying about your skin. But, make sure you must follow these tips to avoid redness, itching and skin damage during Holi.

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