Aromatherapy today is fast becoming a part of many of our lives especially when we look at remedies and help for stress management. There are several flowers, woods and fruits and even spices which are incorporated into different candles and aroma oils. But one aroma oil which very few may know about and is rather quirky for a simple mind, is the tobacco aroma oil. This oil is amazing for those who are trying to quit smoking as well! 

Very few brands produce this oil which is pure, natural, vegan, and alcohol-free oil. Natasha Tuli, Co-Founder, Soulflower, told HerZindagi that "it is extracted from the floral parts of Tobacco plant in India. It has heady and opulent notes which are derived from pure spice-laden tobacco, the scent reminiscent of an English Gentlemen’s Club. The Tobacco aroma oil creates a smoky ambiance with slightly sweet undertones that is replete with a depth of character."

Here are some benefits of tobacco aroma oil as rolled out by her, giving reasons why you must try it. 

  • This aroma oil soothes the mind, body, and soul. 
  • The rich, warm, and earthy aroma relieves stress and restores emotional balance. 


  • Tobacco aroma oil is a mood enhancer that helps lend clarity to thoughts and increases the sense of self-awareness. 
  • This aroma oil is 100% pure, and alcohol-free. It is free from chemicals, synthetic colour, or fragrances which makes it perfectly safe for your surroundings. 


  •  This aroma oil helps prevent allergies or breathing disorders when diffused.

How To Use Tobacco Aroma Oil

Potpourri & Diffusers

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This aroma has gives a relaxing feel to create an ambience perfect for rejuvenation. All you have to do is just add a few drops of fragrance oil to a potpourri bowl and re-establish peace of mind, deal with stress and even avoid lighting a cigarette.

Candles & Soaps

You can use this aroma oil in making your own decorative candles at home or even soaps. Its intense and woody aroma will leave your skin moisturized and surroundings aromatic.

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Home Fragrance & Perfume

The calm note of Tobacco aroma oil makes for a perfect home fragrance and if you like making your own perfumes then this would be a great base note. 

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Deodorising Cupboards

Just sprinkle one or two small drops of tobacco aroma oil on the inside of your cupboards. This will give you a feeling of freshness. 

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