The tradition of hair oiling has been there in India since forever. Our ancestors have passed down many such remedies for good skin, lush hair and healthy living but what we do not realise is that we do it the right way as well. If you oil your hair regularly then make sure you are not making these mistakes.

To avoid hair breakage, when you oil your hair, make sure you are not repeating these mistakes. 

Heating Oil

oiling m one

Hot oil therapy works but many end up heating the oil a bit too much. This in fact neutralises the oil. Heat the oil until lukewarm and then apply it o your scalp which will nourish the roots. 

Over Massage

massage oil

Massaging your head and hair with oil is much needed every week but where you may have been going wrong is massaging to vigorously. Never ever do that. On doing this, there are lumps in the hair and it leads to a lot of breakage. Not only this, the roots become weak. Go for a soft massage and do so in a circular motion with light hands.

Washing Hair Quickly 

Generally after oiling your hair, you should keep it overnight or else for a minimum of 1 hour as per my personal recommendation. Many people apply the hair oil and wash it off just 10 minutes after the application. The logic here is that it atleast an hour for the nutrients to reach your roots. If you wash the hair immediately, the oil won't reach and the entire actvity will turn out to be useless. 

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Hair Combing Before Massage


Many have this habbit of directly massaging their hair without combing but this is where you must stop. Always comb preporly, sort out the tangles and then apply oil. If you comb after massaging the oil, it will break. It makes the application even easier. Not only this, after massage, the roots are relaxed and if you bother them when they are in that mode, you may beak them.

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Apply Oil The Whole Day


Keeping your hair oiled the entire day is the biggest mistake you can commit. It attracts a lot of dust and that dust sticks to your pores. This is when all the hair problems begin. After a nice and gentle massage, wrap the hair with a hot towel to make sure that the oil reaches the roots of your hair and keep it for a while. Wash off with an organic shampoo that suits your hair type. 


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