Summer 2022 Hair Care Tips For Women

From taming frizz to keeping locks hydrated, we have got all the tips to keep your locks healthy in summer. Take a look!

Krati Purwar
summer  hair care tips

Every season comes with its challenges. In the summer season, the scorching heat of the sun affects us in million ways. However, it affects our hair adversely. The heat and pollutants cause damage and breakage to strands. Therefore, we are here to provide you with hair care tips to keep your locks healthy in Summer 2022. Let’s see!

How Sun Affects Hair?

1) UV and UVB rays damage the cuticle and can cause breakage.

2) Warm temperature allows micro-organisms to breed and multiply. It can increase dandruff, and sweating can worsen the condition.

3) Extreme conditions can make the hair dry, dull and lifeless.

4) Scorching heat can damage the scalp leading to thinning of strands and loss of hair.

Apart From Sun, What Else Can Affect The Health Of Hair In Summer?

hair care tips for summer

Water Of Swimming Pool

If you are someone who waits for summer to enjoy swimming, you must know that the pool water has chlorine that can strip your locks from protective oil. Copper and other minerals in the pool bind themselves to the shaft of the hair and adversely affect the health of strands.

Dryness Of Hair

If your strands are dry and frizzy, they can soak up extra humidity from the air. This leads the shaft to swell and breaks the cuticles. You would experience your locks going all ways other than being smooth.

Tips To Take Care Of Hair In Summer

Hide Your Hair

summer care of hair

To protect your scalp and strands from the summer heat, you must hide them from the sun. You can wear a hat or scarf to prevent the sun rays from directly affecting your health. You must pick a cotton scarf that can absorb moisture and sweat, and hats must have ventilation holes to keep the strands breathing.

Regularly Wash Hair

Summer cause frequent sweating and a foul smell to the scalp. Therefore, you must wash your hair at least two or three times a week. It will help you get rid of oil, sweat and odour.

However, do not go beyond washing the strands thrice a week, or it can lead to dryness. You must also avoid styling hair in a tight bun or ponytail. You can, however, go with braids, messy buns and natural curls that will allow your scalp to breathe.

Avoid Styling Tools

avoid styling tools

Outside heat already creates havoc on your hair; hence, you must avoid the use of styling products and tools. Straighteners, curling iron and blow dryers will make your hair look frizzy and dull. You must also avoid chemical styling like keratin treatment and perming because maintenance is difficult.

Use Sunscreen For Hair

Yes! You heard it right. There are hair care products, which prevent the sun rays from harming your strands. They are enriched with SPF to minimise the dryness and protect the locks from breakage.

Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

wide toothed comb

When your hair gets sweaty, it can tangle. If you use a fine-toothed comb and run it vigorously across your length, you can cause breakage and damage to the strands. However, if you use a wide-toothed comb, you can easily detangle the strands and prevent any breakage of hair. A few drops of serum before combing will help you sort the tangles without much effort.

Oiling Is Crucial

Though it might seem like you can avoid oiling in summer, it is one of the biggest mistakes that women make while taking care of hair in summer. Hair oil like coconut oil or olive oil can boost the growth of hair and stimulate blood circulation.

A coat of oil also prevents your hair from losing moisture. You must apply warm oil to the scalp and wrap a hot towel around your head. It increases the efficiency of oil to work on your scalp and lengths.

Use Moisturising Shampoo And Conditioner

hair shampoo

Now we know that summer heat makes our hair dry, we need products that can help us maintain the moisture level in the hair. Hence, a hydrating shampoo and hair conditioner are the products that every woman must keep in the bathroom.

You must also ensure that the hair care products do not contain harsh chemicals like mineral oil, SLS and paraben that can cause more damage than repairing the locks. These days, you can easily find vegan, non-toxic and natural shampoos and conditioners in the market.

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Try Hair Masks

If you want to tame the frizz and get rid of dryness, a hair mask is also a good solution for every woman. It helps with a number of hair problems that people face in summer.

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The best hair masks to try are the ones that offer deep conditioning. If a product comes enriched with argan oil or shea butter, it will offer utmost nourishment to locks along with keeping them frizz-free. You can either use them before or after washing hair.

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