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Shahnaz Husain Guides Women On Lip Beauty And Lip Makeup

Here is our beauty expert Shahnaz Husain to guide you on lip beauty and lip makeup.
  • Shahnaz Husain
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Published -06 Jul 2022, 14:57 ISTUpdated -06 Jul 2022, 14:55 IST
guide on lip makeup by shahnaz husain

Lipstick is the first cosmetic every young girl wants to try. Indeed, lipstick is probably the most commonly used make-up item, although recently due to Covid we have to wear face masks. But, lipstick will always be a popular make-up item. Lipstick, as we know it, was invented in 1915 and since then a variety of lip colours have been used, from very bright colours to matte, frosted and shiny ones, to modern pencils, and felt-tipped lip liners and transfer-resistant tubes. The first thing to remember is never to compromise on quality while buying lipsticks. Skin discoloration, caused by lipsticks can be due to certain ingredients, which cause a reaction to sun exposure. The most common effect is dryness of the lips, more so with the matte (non-shiny) lipsticks. The skin on the lips is different from that on the rest of the face. It is much thinner and does not contain oil glands. 

shahnaz husain

Storing make-up, especially lipstick, is of importance because it can be affected by heat and moisture. During the hot weather, store your lipsticks in the refrigerator. It’s a good idea to put all your lipsticks in a plastic bag and keep it in the fridge. I have a drawer in my dressing table, which is divided into sections or compartments for different items. This saves a lot of time while applying make-up. At other times of the year, when humidity and heat are not high, lipsticks can be kept in a specific compartment in the drawer. Sharpen your lip pencils regularly and always keep the lid on, so that it is protected from dust. Lip brushes should be washed, along with other make-up brushes two or three times a month. Use warm soapy water and add a few drops of an antiseptic lotion. Rinse well with water and allow the brushes to dry before keeping them away. You can use a clean cloth or tissue to dry them.  

Lip Balms

lip balms

Daily care, in terms of cleansing and removal of make-up and the use of lip balms or creams, help to maintain the softness of the skin and also keep problems at bay.  An almond cream or almond oil may be applied on the lips and left on all night. Almonds not only nourish and soften the skin but also help to lighten skin colour over some time. 

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Home-made Lipstick And Lip gloss:  

herbal lipstick

Although making lipsticks is a professional job, you can try making them at home. But, one should take great care to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. To make lipsticks at home, you need beeswax and vegetable oil, along with colours and pigments. You would also need a few small glass jars. Melt one tablespoon of beeswax with 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Castor oil is good as it has a high viscosity, but you can use almond oil or sunflower oil. These should be melted in a pan kept in another vessel of water, which is kept on the fire. Stir gently, so that it mixes well. Divide this mixture into three or four glass jars, so that you can get different colours, or leave one or two free of colour. Into each of them mix some left-over lipsticks. Just make sure that the lipstick is not too old and the oils have not separated. You can mix two or three colours, to get a new colour. Keep one of the jars clear and free of colour. All the mixing must be done while the mixture is hot. Allow them to cool and use with a lip brush. The one which is free of colour can be used as lip gloss. Or, you can add a little left-over lipstick and get a lip gloss with a light tinge of colour. 

Lip Makeup Remover


Today, with naturalism in make-up the focus is not on trends, but on you. Now you can even use herbal and Ayurvedic make-up items. Make-up products give you the power to transform your face, create an image, boost your self-confidence and feel good about yourself.

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Shahnaz Husain is a renowned beauty and wellness expert. She is the Founder, Chairperson, and Managing Director of The Shahnaz Husain Group. Celebrity beauty expert Shahnaz Husain is well known for giving easy yet effective beauty solutions, which do wonders for the skin. Be it hair or skin, her useful tips are always on point. 

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