Tying the knot with healthy goals is the secret to looking radiant and glowing on your wedding day! For a bride-to-be, a wedding is not just about the innumerable celebrations and personal moments, it’s a frenzied pursuit of perfection on the most beautiful day of her life! The commitment to attaining the perfect skin, body, and appearance for D-Day can bring you down! And, the only respite is a holistic and healthy lifestyle. As body transformation happens in the mind first, Dr. Manoj Kutteri, the wellness director of Atmantan Wellness Centre,  has dolled out how a bride-to-be can entail a healthy mind to be the healthy bride!

Commit to Health and Wellbeing

Planning a wedding can be stressful. And not investing enough time for exercising, meditation, or addressing your emotional health can lead to more stress. It is important to take out time from your daily busy schedule and commit to health and wellness. Treat yourself to the wonders of yoga and meditation, take Epsom salt baths, use body scrubs, wander in nature and connect to the voices inside.

Mark wedding wellness as an important item in your planner to ensure you aren’t just looking beautiful, but feel so too! Nourish inside out! A clear, flawless and radiant looking skin is a dream! And for the bride-to-be’s these happen to the goals. Nourishing skin with essential vitamins and minerals is essential to get that radiant glow. While you invest enough in body butter, sheet masks, and creams – maintaining a healthy diet nourishes the inside.


Hydrate your body with enough fluids, eat the fresh fruits and vegetables, drink green tea and munch on nuts and seeds to fasten the way to ultimate radiance. Shift to healthier versions of snacks to avoid skipping meals. Drink fresh and fibrous juices to boost health.

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Lose Weight Mindfully

cut sugar

Brides are often chasing their calorie charts and hitting the gym to shed off those extra kilos before the big day. And the need to lose some weight often leads to a disturbed mind and body. Instead of speeding up the process with blind sweating and tiring workouts, get mindful about losing weight. Cutting down on refined sugar, reducing the carbs, avoiding fizzy drinks, etc can bring revolutionary changes in just a few days. Small portions of healthy food are better than starving and exposing yourself to vulnerabilities. Adapt to organic food, a healthy diet, and effective exercise routines to lose weight without stress!

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Exercising doesn’t have to be about sweating out in the gym for hours or exposing yourself to a workout routine that stresses you out. Pick up a form of exercise that excites you while burning calories at the same time. Zumba, swimming, jogging, dancing, running, pilates, etc are some variants to think of. Take your fiancé along for the journey to wellness to make it fun. Adding fun to exercising routine will make you want to do it each day!

Relax and Rejuvenate

Relaxing and unwinding is as important as hustling and meeting the deadlines. As a bride-to-be, if you are running parades to arrange for all the wedding essentials, its time to give yourself a break. Indulge in rejuvenating therapies to stimulate the senses and relax. The busy schedule, plannings and running around can leave you stressed out. To feel relaxed and happy from inside on D-Day you need to give your body a break from all the hard work too.

Dr. Kutteri says, “Being a happy bride isn’t just about being beautiful, it’s about a happy mind too!” Take the journey to wellbeing – it makes the exciting journey to being a bride a healthy affair!