When it comes to skincare, your blackheads and cheeks are pampered t the hilt but many tend to ignore the under eyes and the crow's feet. They are laugh lines and if you do not mind them then it is fine but do remember that these lines and wrinkles can make you look way older than you are. This is why eye cream is very important and here are some top reasons why they should not be ignored. 

Why Use Eye Creams & Not A Regular Cream


It is not a marketing gimmick but is in fact the truth. You can use a regular cream around the eyes but then the formula will be thicker and it may not have the same safe ingredients that an eye cream must-have. 

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The Sake Of Dark Circles

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Eye creams have soy, kojic acod, licorice, vitamin A derivative retinal which help in lightening the pigment under our eyes. There are some eye creams that can even dissolve dead cells and brighten the area. However, you wil not find these elements in a face cream. The excess pigment can never be treated with regular creams. 

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Take Away The Puffiness

Puffy eyes need care and a face cream is hardly the answer. Fluid retention causes puffiness and this is when you must use an eye cream that has caffeine in it as that constricts the blood vessels. The eye cream can also have green tea and resveratrol as these are anti-inflammatories. Regular creams do not do that. 

So invest in a good eye cream and take care of the dark circles and puffiness. 


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