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    Here Are Some Elegant Makeup Looks To Carry On Valentine's Day

    Are you confused about which makeup look to don this Valentine's day? Don't be, read on to find the solution to your problem.
    Updated at - 2021-02-10,18:51 IST
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    Valentine's day is the perfect time to make your way into someone's heart. As the cupid's bow is all set to steal your beloved's heart for you. But it is not only cupid who jas yo work the magic, you too have to work hard to win over your someone special. So, in order to do so, you have got the hair, dress, and makeup on point to impress him in a moment.

    And while you have a lot of ideas about what you can wear and the kind of hairstyles to do, you must still be considering what makeup look you should carry in order to seal the deal this valentine's day. Don't worry, because we are here to your rescue.

    Natural Makeup With A Red Lip

    valentines day makeup

    Well starting off with a very easy makeup look, here we tell you how to impress the one you love.  So, begin with applying a primer and then go ahead with a glow primer. After the primer sets in, apply the foundation and the setting powder.  Move on with the contouring and the blush.  Finally, apply a very neutral shade of brown and beige over the eyes and blend it well. 

    Skipping the eyeliner, curl your lashes with a curler and apply mascara, then kajal.  Finally, cover your lips in a balm and apply a highlighter on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, and a little bit on the forehead.  Then, wipe the lip balm and apply your matte red lipstick and spray the fixer spray over your face.

    The Rose Red Look

    valentines day makeup

    Valentine's day is all about love and love is all about the colour red.  Red becomes even more beautiful with a tint of pink in it so here let's create this look.  Use the primer liquid or the spray to fill in the pores of your face, then go ahead with applying the compact powder before you do the foundation.  Covering the entire face, apply the compact, and then move on with the concealer. Now apply the foundation using a brush.  This will mattify the face and allow the make to last longer. 

    Go ahead with applying a rosy blush on the cheeks and apply an eye primer on your lids. Go ahead with a neutral pink, then blend in beige with it. Apply maroon shadow from the center of the eyelid to the outer portion. Now blend it well and move ahead with the eyeliner, mascara, and kajal.  Finally, add the finishing touches to your lips with a matching rise red lipstick and there you go!

    The Peach Glass Look

    valentines day makeup

    When you can really figure out the right makeup look, this is the go-to option for you. This look is super fresh and versatile.  So, start by applying a primer then the glow primer, concealer, foundation, and compact powder. Blend it all well to minimize the flakiness on the skin, making it even more natural.  Next move on with contouring your face and applying a peachy shade of blush on your cheeks. 

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    Then apply a little bit of it on your eyelids too. Afterward, line your eyes with a thin liner and lift your lashes with voluminous mascara. Now taking a silver pigment apply it over your eyelids in the center, using the fingertips.  Go on with applying a peach tinted lip colour and do it over with a glossy lip balm.

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    Smokey Makeup Look 

    valentines day makeup

    This look is just what you need to light up your evenings. To do this, prime your face with a simple primer and apply foundation over it. Next, take some loose powder and enhance your look by dabbing it over all the dull areas of your face. 

    After that, use a soft tinted blush to add to the apple of your cheeks. Apply a neutral shade of brown on the eyes, then take another darker shade and apply it in the center blending nicely over the crease. Finally, take the black pigment and from the center pull it to the outer wing area of your eyes. Apply liner, mascara, and kajal and highlight your face just a little with a peach highlighter.  Fix the makeup with a spray and you're done!

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