Missing your facial sessions? Facials are so relaxing! For the next few days none of us can head out of our homes due to the lockdown but not like we can't pamper our skin at home. This is the time you give all the attention to your skin. How about doing a facial at home? Wondering where you will get a facial kit from? For that fresh and youthful glow, you need just a few ingredients from your kitchen! 

This DIY facial is not just perfect for this quarantine period but you can do it any day you feel like treating your skin at home, yourself. When you can't seek help from professionals or want to save money or want to use only natural ingredients on your face, this facial comes to the rescue.

This facial will give you a beautiful, natural glow that you always wished for. The best part about this facial is that the products used here will be natural and have no side effects on your skin unlike those facial kits available in the market. Wait no more! Here is a step by step guide which will help you do this facial at home. 

Cleanse With Aloe Vera Gel/Honey

aloe vera cleanser

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Aloe vera works as an amazing cleansing agent. The first step is to clean your skin and clear any dirt, excess oil from your face. Wet your face and then take some aloe vera gel on your palm. Apply aloe vera all over your face and neck. Massage for a minute and then clean with a tissue or wash your face. If you don't have aloe vera gel then you can apply honey all over your face and then wash it. It will cleanse your face in a jiffy. 

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Scrub With Honey, Sugar And Aloe Vera Gel

All these 3 ingredients work like magic on your skin. Mix them in a bowl and then apply on your face. Gently massage on your face for a couple of minutes. This scrub will help in removing all the dead skin cells and make your skin look bright and young. 

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Apply A Face Pack Using Turmeric, Besan, Milk, And Honey

aloe vera honey besan

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This desi face pack will tighten your skin, improve your skin complexion and moisturise your skin deeply. In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix together to make a paste. Apply this pack all over your face and neck. Let it dry naturally and then wash with normal water. Pat dry. 

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Tone With Rose Water

It is very important to tone your skin after you have cleaned it thoroughly. Using a cotton ball, apply rose water all over your face and neck. 

Moisturise With Aloe Vera Gel And Almond Oil 

Complete your DIY facial, mix some aloe vera gel and almond oil in a bowl. Massage it well on your face and let it absorb. Both aloe vera and almond oil make your skin smooth and soft. 

This facial can be done using natural ingredients and these are usually available in all Indian households. Still, make sure you do a patch test of all of them before applying them on the face to prevent any skin problem.