Good and shiny hair is a never-ending pursuit. If we have super curly hair, we need extra dydration and long for straight shiny hair, if your hair is very fine, then you look for ways to make them less limp and hunt for ways to volumise the mane. Dry hair, split ends, coloured hair, wavy hair, there is some treatment or the other we need but often have no idea about it or simply fall for what the hairstylist says. They do know what your hair needs as that is their profession but having some knowledge as to what suits you never hurts. 

Listed below are a few hair treatments by Mr. Dinesh Arora, Founder and CEO, The Hair Palace, that can restore the lost shine and improve the health of your tresses instantly. This list includes all the salon hair treatments that one must consider getting done at least once in their life.

Keratin For Frizzy Hair


Chances are that if you've ever experienced even a tiny bit of frizz in your tresses, you've probably been told to try the famous keratin treatment by a friend or family. Usually keratin is suggested for the ones with untamable frizzy dry hair that just won’t quit and you want smooth results without the work of using flat irons and styling products at home. It promises shiny and silky tresses.

Detox Treatment

Detox hair remedies put off the accumulation at the hair shaft that effect by an excessive amount of product utilization or chemical compounds which include chlorine. By clarifying the hair shaft, a detox remedy improves the fitness of the hair and scalp and may stimulate hair growth. Builds up is a grimy phrase and all of us have it.

Detox remedies will cleanse your tresses and upload frames whilst casting off the impurities that make it lacklustre. If you operate many styling merchandise or generally tend to bypass the shampoo numerous instances a week, a detox remedy is for you.

Toning Treatments

Toning treatments are used to fix the hair colour, maybe after the foils were removed, your blonde got a little too golden, or your red has faded like all reds do, a toning treatment may be applied to perfect the hair colour after the initial colour service, or in-between a full colour service as maintenance.

The toning treatment is left on, typically added to the shampoo tub, it is done for 20-30mins and then rinsed thoroughly! To achieve the exact shade that you were looking for, this therapy for introduced in the market.

Scalp Renew Treatment (or Anti-Dandruff Treatment)

Dandruff is common especially during these crazy winters, and very problematic issue for people with an oily scalp. For obvious reasons, nobody likes to keep a check on their shoulders and rub off flakes every now and then. And when all the home remedies fail, you consider anti-dandruff treatment. The trending treatment for dandruff these days is.

Scalp Renew, which is micro derma abrasion which sloughs off scales and gives you a fresh scalp. This treatment is effectively helpful to get off with dandruff, provided all the post-treatment do's and don'ts are followed religiously. Plus, they stimulate blood flow, so nutrients can better reach the scalp and nourish your hair with itching.

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Smoothening For Wavy Hair

Smoothening remains classic option for all the women out there. And In fact, it is always a better option than straightening in my opinion. As it makes your tresses look naturally soft, unlike the results from straightening that gives pin-straight tips, which makes it look fake as anything. Best suitable for those with wavy or frizz-riddled hair, as it lasts for 6-9 months depending upon your hair type and how you treat them post the treatment.

Perming For Thin Hair


Perming your tresses could be the perfect solution for your thin hair without any volume. Perms do use heat and harsh chemicals to break down and re-configure the protein bonds inside the hair and reconstruct them an entirely different way. Even though perms won't fry your hair like a bleaching appointment, it's still altering the makeup of the tresses and so there will be some damage involved as it changes the chemical property in the hair to get that curl or wave. But then it's totally worth it because it is going to change your entire look.

Olaplex Treatment For Damaged Hair

Nowadays, everybody is getting their hair coloured. So this is a much-needed treatment for all, the formulation of this treatment is done with the intention to protect hair from chemical damage. People often colour and damage their tresses, but now you have olaplex treatment to the rescue. Olaplex not just protects your tresses from the process to get a desired color, but it even prevents further damage, makes your tresses strong, healthier, much shinier, and it even helps in mending some of the previously done damage.

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Points to consider before getting any kind of hair treatment done-

  • Do adequate research about the salon you are considering for your treatment.
  • Know your hair type, as I've already said the treatment may vary according to your hair texture and type.
  • Stay away from any kind of discounted deal, they may not be using good quality products. Go for a brand which is credible enough.

Bottom line is remember that it comes with some sacrifices. What I mean to say here is that it depends on what treatment you are getting, therapy or may not be some major downside of it. Let's say, if you get a keratin smoothing treatment, you don't get to touch your hair for three days afterward. You can't clip it backwards, you can't even put it in a ponytail or bun, and you cannot wash it, or else you will risk denting it. Also if your hair is colored, you run the risk of minimal fading or lightening after the treatment. And know that results may vary from person to person depending upon your hair type and texture and the atmosphere of the place where you live in.