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    HZ Tried & Tested: Deyga Rose Glow Kit Detailed Review

    I have been using this rose glow kit from Deyga for over a month now. The kit comes with products like rose soap, serum, body butter, face pack, and powder. Is it worth buying? Read my detailed review here. 
    Updated at - 2023-03-11,14:00 IST
    deyga rose glow kit review price

    One natural ingredient that continues to be a favourite among all is rose. Rarely do you find an ingredient like rose, loaded with goodness for your skin. Rose has been a part of my skincare routine over the years in some way or the other. Be it a rose face mist or a rose body lotion, I have been using this ingredient for the longest time now, and honestly, I don't hesitate a bit when it comes to investing in products with rose as the key ingredient. 

    This time too, when I came across Deyga's rose glow kit online, I didn't think much before getting my hands on it. But is it worth the money? Here is my detailed review. 


    deyga product review rose glow kit

    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Revitalises the skin
    • Brightens the skin
    • Boosts glow
    • Refreshes 
    • Brightens 
    • Reduces signs of ageing
    • Moisturises the skin effectively
    • Exfoliates Packaging 
    • Traditional recipes 
    • Natural ingredients 
    • Handmade in India

    All the ingredients come in sturdy bottles. Loved the soap's packaging, it came in a pure cotton bag. 


    ₹3800 for a set of seven products 

    Deyga Rose Glow Kit Inclusions 

    • Rose pink clay soap
    • Rose glow serum
    • Rose scrub
    • Rose body butter 
    • Rose and mulethi skin brightening face pack
    • Rose toner
    • Rose talc-free powder

    My Experience 

    Summer is almost here and I have to tell you that I do change my skincare routine completely ahead of the hot season. The primary reason is my skin type, my skin is quite sensitive and the woes are usually on a rise during the summer months. So, during this time of the year, I am usually hunting for products that are cooling and moisturising. Since my skin is on the sensitive side, I usually rely on natural ingredients, and what better than rose? 

    face scrub deyga rose glow

    Rose has been a part of our skincare routine for years now. So, to be honest, I was betting on Deyga's rose glow kit for the results. To begin with, the rose pink clay soap is moisturising, it leaves my skin soft. I use the rose body scrub once a week, it has a relaxing and brightening effect on my skin. The rose and mulethi skin brightening face pack has a beautiful fragrance, it gives my face a clean and conditioned appearance. The rose toner is always in my handbag, I like to carry it everywhere. I just spritz some when my skin feels itchy or dry and it instantly cools and relaxes my skin. For anyone who can't handle the sweltering heat, the rose talc-free powder that comes with this kit is a gem for you. It gives you a great cooling effect throughout the day. 

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    face serum

    The body butter is thick and conditioning, yet light on the skin, perfect for summers. However, the rose glow serum is a bit on the heavier side. Your skin feels heavy when you use this face serum. Otherwise, all the other products from this glow kit have impressive results and you won’t regret investing in them.


    • Works for my sensitive skin
    • The goodness of natural ingredients
    • Chemical free products
    • Skin feels refreshed 
    • All products leave skin soft and healthy
    • Sturdy packaging


    • Rose serum feels a little heavy on the skin
    • The pricing might bother some since the product is on the expensive side


    rose body butter deyga

    If you are a fan of this one classic ingredient, rose, get this rose glow kit right away. If budget isn’t an issue, Deyga’s glow kit is a must-try. You get all your daily skincare essentials with this one single kit and the products last for long since a little quantity goes a long way. It is a great kit to be given away as a gift to a dear one. This one will be a great pick for anyone who is planning to upgrade their skincare closet. If running out of a budget, you can consider investing in any of these products individually according to your skincare needs.


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