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Here Is How Sesame Seed Oil Is Good For Your Hair

If you have premature greying, hair fall or dandruff, then this is the oil you must use!
Published -19 Mar 2021, 16:00 ISTUpdated -19 Mar 2021, 16:27 IST
sesame oil for hair main

Oiling our hair is an age-old nuskha, a tradition of sorts that has been passed down by ancestors for ages. If we talk of what oils are used, we think of coconut oil or fenugreek oil and now sesame oil is back in trend. This oil is made using sesame seeds which are well known for their various benefits. It is great for people who have dandruff or need something for their hair fall issue. 

Here are some reasons why you must bring in sesame oil into your weekly oiling routine.

Premature Greying


Not all of us are blessed with great hair, some start seeing premature greying even when they are too young for it. This is when you have to start massaging your scalp and hair with sesame oil. This oil helps in maintaining the natural colour of your hair for a longer period as it has properties which help in darkening your mane. 

Hair Growth

Off late, many women have started losing their hair due to stress and crazy lifestyle decisions. his is when sesame oil steps in. You massage your scalp with it as it gives nourishment to your hair follicles and shafts. It, therefore, helps in hair growth. Not only that, it helps in healing the colour treated hair which becomes damaged and dry. 

Bacterial Infections

sesame hair

Til oil has many benefits and one of them is that it has anti-bacterial properties. This makes it excellent for getting rid of bacteria on your scalp or any fungus.


Not just navratna oil, sesame oil as well works like a charm in cooling your head due to high temperature. The heat sucks out the moisture from our hair and damages our follicles. When you apply this oil, it heats the scalp and hair and helps in retaining the moisture. 

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Sun Protection

This amazing oil has properties which help our hair from harmful UV rays of the sun. It layers the mane which prevents the rays from directly hitting it. 

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If you have dry skin and you do not have a good diet, your scalp dries up. This leads to dandruff. It is not just that, sometimes certain hair products as well react and give us dandruff. So apply sesame oil made at home and cure most issues with regular usage. 

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