Big eyes, flawless skin, and heavy thick hair -- this is generally how we see Bengali women and are in awe indeed. If you too are a fan of their looks then here is a low down on some of the basic and must-haves Bengali women use. Scroll down to check out their beauty secrets.

Hair Care

hair care bong secrets

Bengali women have truly thick and heavy hair that makes most of us envious. To take care of it, hot oil treatment is a must in their regime. They champi their hair diligently every week with coconut oil most of the time. Besides the basic, hair packs are major. Some of the most used ingredients include amla, reetha and shikakai. 


skincare bong secret

For their skin, besan is their best friend. They do not use it on occasions only like many of us do. They use it twice a week. Homemade face packs with besan as the main ingredient is a must. Mix together 2 tbsp besan, some curd, a pinch of turmeric, rose water, malai and honey, multani mitti and a little bit of sandalwood. Mix well and apply on the face, neck, hands and feet as well. If you can, then apply it all over the body once a week during the self-pampering time. Wash it all off once it dries with cold water. 

Another ingredient I have seen many of my Bengali friends use is mustard oil. During winter, they apply mustard oil all over the body and let it be for 30 minutes. They then wash it off with water but it moisturises their skin like none other. You can always skip it if the fragrance is overwhelming for you. 


Kajal is a staple in their routine but the best way is to use homemade kajal using ghee and soot. You can always use smudge-proof kajal out there in the market which suits you. 

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Lip Care

lip care bong secret

Bengalis are crazy about Boroline and you will find a tube in every woman's bag and home. They apply it every night before sleeping like a lip care mask and they are sorted. 

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Homemade Food

homemade food bong secret

Bengalis love eating but what they indulge in a lot is homemade food which includes rice and fish curry made using mustard or poppy seeds. They balance their nutrition with proteins and carbs. 

Try out some of the tips and see if it helps you out. 

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