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    Different Types Of Fragrance Notes And How To Carry Them

    Here is a complete guide to choosing the right perfume according to its fragrance notes.
    Updated at - 2021-04-13,11:59 IST
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    Fragrances have now become an indispensable part of our attire. They not only make you smell good but have a lot of other benefits. For example, they help you enhance your mood, boost your confidence, make you even more attractive, boost your health, takes you down memory lane, and whatnot. 

    That’s right! Using perfumes is super beneficial but there’s a whole lot of work that brands and companies put into making them, the details of the fragrance, and how they can be more attractive and better. So, if you want to understand how perfumes are made and how those fragrances are instilled in them then you need to know about fragrance notes. Read on the details below to find out more about fragrance notes and how to carry them.

    The Layers Of The Scent

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    Fragrance notes are the different layers of the scent that can be felt at different times on the exposure with a particular scent. The layers of the fragrance make up the final fragrance.

    There are three kinds of notes that make up a fragrance:

    • The Top Note: These are the notes of the smell that you perceive when you smell the scent for the first time, they lure you in and do not last very long. 
    • They cast the first impression of the fragrance.
    • The Heart Note: It is the core note of the fragrance, and makes up about 40% to 80% of the final smell. 
    • They last the longest and also influence the base notes to come.
    • The Base Note: Also makes up your final fragrance and make up to 25% of that particular smell, they start to arise in the dry down period of the fragrance and cast the last impression. 

    Types Of Fragrances

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    People who study and develop fragrances are the ones who tell us about the different fragrance families.  The mixing and blending between families make different scents take a look at the types of fragrance families:


    Fresh scents have a crisp, uplifting scent and they are generally made up of the smells of fresh limes, citrons, mandarins and also have aquatic notes as a variation. They comprise citrus, water, and green notes. They are perfect to keep you uplifted in the day.

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    Extracted from the scent of flowers, floral scents are made up of roses, lilies, jasmines, peonies and are very sweet. While some love floral scents some find them irritating. Floral scents can be worn also in the day and the evening.


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    With a tint of warm, sweet and spicy, oriental smells are more luxurious and are divided to oriental soft, floral oriental and woody oriental. They can be applied during the evening/dusk time.


    Woody smells are generally used in aftershaves and arise from the woods, such as cedarwood, sandalwood, amber etc. You can wear this scent between evening to night. These fragrances have sweet undertones,  with the smell of mossy wood on the earth, they may also have a smokey and leathery smell to them.  Therefore you must wear perfume in accordance with the above guide.

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