Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one Bollywood diva we all envy. Why? How beautiful is she? You see her on-screen or off-duty, the actress is always glowing. We wonder what's the secret to her  spotless, youthful, and beautiful skin. Well, we all wish for a skin like that but how to achieve it? Is there a secret beauty product Aishwarya Rai uses? Or does she undergo some special beauty treatments? Actually, she doesn't trust chemical packed beauty products or treatments that can damage her skin in the long run. 

When it comes to the skin, a lot of Bollywood divas like relying on natural skincare products rather than going for chemical loaded treatments. According to a news channel, Aishwarya Rai sticks to home remedies. For all those who wanted to know the secret to Aishwarya Rai's beauty, get ready! Try Aishwarya Rai's Gharelu Nuskhe to achieve flawless skin like her.  

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According to the news portal ABP Ganga, Aishwarya Rai uses a homemade face pack that is prepared with besan or gram flour, milk and haldi or turmeric. Do you know all these ingredients are great for your skin?


turmeric beauty

Haldi or turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that keep all skin issues at bay. Turmeric is a great ingredient for women with acne prone skin as it works as a natural antiseptic. Haldi also works as a lightening agent and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Tumeric also helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. 

Gram Flour

Besan or gram flour is being used for ages to treat skin problems. It fights skin infections. It helps fighting acne, it reduced oiliness from the skin too. Besan also helps in exfoliating dead skin. It works as a de-tan for your skin too. 


Milk has a lot of benefits for your skin. It works as an amazing cleanser for your face. It helps in removing dead skin cells. Milk has lactic acid which renews collagen production and prevents the appearance of ageing signs. Those who have dry skin can use milk as it is a great moistursier. 

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Not just this homemade face pack, Aishwarya Rai also uses curd or dahi mask on her face to keep the glow intact. Curd is packed with protein and vitamins that improves your skin complexion. Curd also exfoliates your skin and makes it smooth. Read on to know some amazing benefits of using curd on your skin.

curd beauty

1. Curd can be used to de-tan your face. Curd has lactic acid and zin which helps in cleaning your face thoroughly. It works as an exfoliating agent. It removes suntan and dark spots too. 

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2. Open pores collect more dirt and this makes your skin look dull. Rather than using expensive beauty products on the skin to close these pores, it is best to use curd on your skin. Curd helps in minimising the apperance of open pores. 

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3. Using curd on your skin prevents the appearance of ageing signs. It removes dead skin cells too. Applying curd on your face regularly helps in redcuing appearance of signs like wrinkles, fine lines. 

4. Curd has hyaluronic acid and hydrating properties. It works as a great moisturiser.

5. Curd is your best friend if you are tired looking for the right remedy for your dark circles. It can help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

For a flawless skin like the diva, don't forget to try this homemade face pack. Also, do share the results with us. For more stories around celebrity beauty secrets, stay tuned!