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    Things To Keep In Mind While Booking Travel Packages

    Here are some tips to help you select a good travel package for your upcoming vacations in the last minute by Kapil Goswamy, CMD,
    Updated at - 2019-01-08,18:21 IST
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    In efforts to plan the perfect vacation this year, the experience for arranging leaves, finances, booking travel and accommodation at the final hour can be painful. While there is no dearth of interesting locations, a number of factors have to be kept in mind before booking a travel package depending on whether you are travelling alone or with the family and whether there are children or elderly accompanying you. All these have to be kept in mind while booking the travel package.

    The prime consideration, of course, is affordability and comfort in terms of travel, accommodation and food. The package should also provide maximum bang for your buck in terms of exploring your destination. Here are some tips to help you select a good travel package for your upcoming vacations in the last minute by Kapil Goswamy, CMD,

    Check Out Different Travel Agents/Portals

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    The first thing is to register yourself with different travel agents/portals. There are plenty of players in the market. Check out their website and register with a few that inspire confidence. You will receive a slew of deals, discounts and offers from them and find that you are literally spoilt for choice. Compare the deals and read between the fine print. Do enough research and negotiations before sealing the deal. Different agencies might be providing different packages with the same destination. Choose one that suits you best. 

    Be Specific About Your Preferences

    Many people tend to rely entirely on the agent while opting for a travel package. But remember, it is your vacation; you need to have a fair idea of the 'Must Do's' of your destination. Your travel agent’s job is to fine-tune and streamline it for you. A package tour to Dubai might include visits to three different malls – Atlantis, Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.  But if you are not a shopping person, it will be a total waste of a day. You could spend the day more productively on a cruise or perhaps hot air-ballooning. You need to specify your preferences to your travel agent. But for this, you must have a rough travel itinerary chalked out in your mind, complete with location preferences, budget and the number of days.

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    Book In Advance

    early bird deal

    When it comes to vacation planning, the old saying 'the early bird gets the worm' holds true. Flight fares and room rents are significantly cheaper if booked well in advance. Avail the 'Early Bird' discount that many travel companies and hotel chains offer. Also, you get more options to choose from if you book early, otherwise you have to settle for whatever is left. Last minute bookings are generally more expensive and less satisfying. 

    Try Out Lesser-Known Travel Portals

    While choosing a travel agent/portal, we often tend to believe that the well-known or popular ones are the best. That is not always the case. Often, travellers find more lucrative and reasonable deals and more customized solutions from lesser known/ entities or start-ups. They are willing to go to great lengths to customise the package to your need in the hope of building a good image and a loyal clientele.

    Stick To Basics, Avoid The Frills

    Travel agents/portals tend to lure you with packages that provide 'additional services' to make your trip more 'exciting'.  However, these extra offerings invariably add on to the cost. Facilities such as airport transfer, shopping assistance don’t come for free. There’s always a hidden cost.  Avoided these 'free services'. Keep to basics, avoid the frills.  

    Choose A 24X7 Travel Agency

    On vacations, travellers often need urgent assistance. It might be to revise a booking or initiate an emergency change of plan or just to locate a place when out sight-seeing. Therefore, it is advisable to book with a travel company that offers 24 X 7 assistance. Choose one that is available 24x7 for assistance.

    So get moving and book your package soon!

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