Bigg Boss 14 Grand Finale tonight has the nation hooked to an extant although the craze of season 13 can never be forgotten. The winner is as expected, none other than Rubina Dilaik! The queen who reigned Twitter like nobody's business, whose fan base was strong that it made her trend on the microblogging website creating history!

The actress took home the trophy and how! Her journey was full of ups and downs. She went against the makers, had her argument with Salman Khan who can do whatever as we know it! She battled the odds and let her personality do the talking!

Besides streaming on VOOT, the announcement was also made on the offcial Colors Channel with the caption: "Congratulations to @rubinadilaik! Audience ka dil jeet kar aakhirkaar karli hai inhone #BiggBoss14 ki trophy haasil! How happy are you Rubiholics?"

Congratulating and rejoicing on her win, here is what her fans tweeted:


rubina one

The battle at the end was between two people: Rubina and Rahul and both were strong contenders no doubt!


Rubina Dilaik vs Rahul Vaidya

Rubina Dilak entered the show with her husband Abhinav Shukla but the latter was eliminated before the finale. However, Rubina took this in her stride to play long with a jazba to win the game where she had inclinations that not just Salman but even Bigg Boss makers may be strong obstacles given the pattern so far and discussions that have trended on social media to date. 

inside  bb house finale

Rahul Vaidya on the other hand has had his own set of ups and downs. His first mistake was to leave the house in the midst of the game but then he did come back and luckily he was welcomed by the housemates. Then other sensational points include his so many fights that began with Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia, then with Eijaz and we all know about his earlier tiff with Rubina. However, thankfully the two made up and broke their vows to be sworn enemies and be cordial enough. 

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The actress will be taking home Rs. 36 Lakhs along with the trophy as she had vowed to. 

Bigg Boss 14 Poll Trends

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The top voting trends, had Rubina, Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni are leading earlier. Ahead of the finale, HerZindagi had also conducted a poll where our viewers told us whom they see as the winner of the current season.


As per our poll on Facebook, Rubina Dilaik will be the winner. However, some readers were divided between Rahul and Aly Goni. However, Rubina Dilaik was way ahead of the two.

Whom did you vote for?