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Disadvantages Of Going Bra-Less

 Roaming around bra-less is no doubt our favourite thing to do, but there are some disadvantages to it. 
Published -08 Oct 2021, 13:26 ISTUpdated -08 Oct 2021, 13:39 IST
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A bra is something we all love to get rid of as soon as we enter our house, don’t we? Hitting a pandemic, most of us have been functioning without a bra for too long now. Little do we know, there are disadvantages to not wearing a bra. 

Wearing a bra is essential for our physiological needs. There are many things that take a turn due to the lack of wearing a bra. Here are some things that need to be taken care of- 

Poor Posture

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Gravity is something that everybody has to interact with unintentionally. So do your breasts. As losing a bra can bring relief and comfort to the breasts that are heavy, it tends to move your body into a position of slouch. The back tends to turn into a rounded arch and bend forward trying to comfort the body but that’s unhealthy in nature.  

Maintaining a good posture is necessary. The back should be balanced upright and your shoulders should be relaxed meanwhile the abdomen has to be tucked in. If your posture has been affected due to the lack of not wearing a bra, you can always try some exercises to help with your body posture.

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Breast Pain During Exercises 

breast pain

While performing an exercise, your breasts require some support. Exercise may include anything physical such as running, jogging, jumping, and so on. Not wearing a bra can cause stretching and tension in the skin and ligaments around the breast which cause extreme irritation. The ligament can also get ruptured due to the strain caused in the ligament and is irreversible. The damage caused cannot be put back into its original position (Tips On Improving Your Posture At Work). 

Neck Pain 

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A bra not only supports the breasts but also the spine from the extra pressure and stress that ultimately converts into stress. The weight of the breasts is interlinked to the pressure put on the spinal cord and that’s how the back starts to slouch in a rounded posture. It’s the spine that provides our body with a solid structure and framework. The pain from the spine ultimately reaches the neck and causes extreme suffering. (Working From Home? Here Are Some Exercises You Can Do!)

Breast Shape 

breast shapes

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The right kind of bra can contribute a big portion to the shaping of your breasts. The molding and growing of the breasts depending on the type of bra you wear on a daily basis. While these are the years of breast development, wearing a bra is important. Going braless is going to lead to saggy and disproportional shape and size. 

A bra will give your breasts the ultimate support and care they deserve. Wearing a bra is a personal choice, but these are some things that you definitely need to keep in mind if you choose not to. 

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