Wearing tor rings is an ages-long tradition which has now become a fashion statement. Initially, it was just the married women who would wear it but today, they are worn by unmarried women as well who simply love the look of it considering there are so many design options available today from typical Indian motifs to simple rings to enameled designs. But did you know that there are scientific and Ayurvedic health benefits of wearing them as well?


It is said that as per Ayurveda, wearing a toe ring is connected to acupressure. The point of wearing it is that it clears blockages from the person's acupressure points. 

Gynea Problems


A theory says that you can treat gynecological issues by massaging the second toe, where we wear the toe ring. The jewellery piece hits the specific nerves which are said to help in keeping the reproductive system in check. 

As per beliefs, it also great for regulating the menstrual cycle. There is a nerve that goes from the second finger to the toe which is said to pass through the heart and connects our uterus. Generally, a silver toe ring is recommended as it is said to absorb energy which is produced from the earth as well as the body and helps in unifying the system in our body. 


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It is also said that wearing toe rings also helps women in conceiving as it balances the uterus and a woman's menstrual cycle. Another belief is that this practice of wearing toe rings also means that the child born will be conceived from love. 

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Calming & Blood Pressure

As per astrology, the silver metal of the toe ring helps in retaining the effects that the moon can have on the body. The moon calms the mind and heart and as the belief goes that you operate better when you are calm and cool-headed, making the decision-making process better. If you feel calm, you also keep your blood pressure in check, which is another part of the belief. 

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Do's & Don't Of Wearing Toe Rings

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  • Skip wearing gold toe rings as they are also a symbol of Goddess Laxmi. 
  • Never gift a toe ring you are wearing, to another person especially married woman. 
  • Traditionally they should be worn in the second and third toes of both feet. 

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