Trust is a virtue and you definitely earn it over time. If someone trusts you it means that person has gained the courage to be vulnerable around you and opened your heart to you. You cannot trust just anyone as not all can keep your secrets safe. On the zodiac wheel, we bring to you a list of zodiac signs who are known to be trustworthy, with the help of tarot card reader and guidance counsellor Jeevika Sharma, as told to HerZindagi.


aries new trustworthy

Aries is one of the most trustworthy zodiac signs. They are never the ones who would betray others. They never want anyone to go through the betrayal which they have experienced in the past. 


gemini new trustworthy

When we talk about the most trustworthy zodiac signs then Gemini too is counted in the league. They never want anyone to think bad about them. This is largely because they are highly concerned about their image. By following the code of trust they are able to turn a number of people to follow them.


leo new trustworthy

Leos are considered trustworthy because they value the importance of honesty and loyalty. But, they can be leaned upon only in the matters of friendship and money. In terms of friendship, they often participate in activities and hold the trust of people. In money matters, they never consider the money of other people as their own. And, if they happen to borrow they always have an intention to pay back and do pay back what they owe.

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virgo trustworthy

Virgo can be a trusted shoulder in the matters related to love/relationship and money. In the matter of love and relationship, they observe their partner and make an effort to understand them. By being able to understand their partner they are able to maintain their trust which they worked so hard to build.


scorpio trustworthy

People consider them trustworthy and they usually are so because they are more concerned about their social image. They never want people to look down on them. They will do anything to save the glowing image they have constructed and for that purpose, they tend to avoid betrayal.

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They have a set of rules and morals which they have set for themselves. And, obedience to those rules and morals never allows them permission to betray anyone. This makes them very trustworthy in the eyes of the world. They never tolerate injustice.

Which zodiac sign are you and is your friend or your person's zodiac sign there in the list? 
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