What Is Potpourri, How To Use it The Right Way: The Complete Guide

Here is everything you need to know about potpourri and how to use it the right way.

Kishori Sud
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If you are big on hone fragrances and decor then you must be familiar with potpourri. It is nothing but dried flowers with a scent and they look beautiful when displayed in different corners, center tables of your home adding not just the fragrant value but also the visual value. But how do you use them and utilise the huge packs they come in, properly?

Potpourri can be a bowl of a mixture of herbs, spices, flowers and essential oils which are kept in open bowls. These can be placed anywhere be it home or office as they act as natural room fresheners. The concept of potpourri came from the French people who have since the beginning, hung dried flowers in bowls in their homes and this has slowly become popular across the globe.

Things You Will Need

Dried Flowers

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To make your own bowl, you must begin with dried flowers but that depends on what variety and fragrance you like. If you like bright coloured flowers then reach for oils and fixatives that have a strong odour. You can also get scented flowers and choose essential oils with a subtle aroma. Some of the flowers that do well as potpourri include lavender, rose. marigold, calendula, freesia, tulips etc. Also, do remember that when you collect flowers, you have a lot as they become tiny after drying out.

Herbs, Leaves & Spices

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Add those spices you love so much to your bowl. Sprinkle in some roots and seeds but don't add too many leaves as those dry up way too early. If you can, then get your hands on leaves geranium, and herbs like eucalyptus, rosemary, sage or thyme.


These elements are the most important when putting together a potpourri. They hold the fragrance of the mixture in your bowl and release it slowly in the area around. They make sure that the potpourri lasts long. You can use cellulose, vetiver root of sweetgrass plant, iris root that can be obtained from florentine iris.

Essential Oils

Today there is a plethora of essential oils available in the market. You can blend these and experiment to know which one is perfect for you.

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How To Use

Center Table

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This is a very obvious and no-brainer location to place the potpourri bowls as while they look pretty, their fragrance refreshes your guest or you while sipping on tea or coffee.


To give your clothes a natural fragrance or aroma, you can make small sachets of potpourri of the fragrance you like and place them in your drawers and wardrobes. They can also be placed in your suitcases, storage cabinets, coats and even shoes.

Entrance of Your Home

Give the entrance of your home a makeover with the last step being the addition of hanging potpourri at the entrance of your house.

Royal Shower With Potpourri

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Make small sachets of potpourri and place them at various spots. Also, hang them on your shower head. The steam from your shower will enhance your bathing experience after mingling with the aroma. It feels rotal indeed.

On Top Of Lampshade

You can easily hand a sachet of potpourri on your lamp shade so that the heat multiplies the scent and works overnight. This gives a lovely aroma to your room even after you wakeup.

Fragrances enhance your mood be it when you are under stress, or in a happy mood or even in a romantic setting. Make the most of it and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.