You might think that it is just a signature, what is more to it? However, it is not just a signature. It holds special significance in our lives. It is a representation of an individual and binds you to legal documents.

The style of your signature can say a lot about your personality. The size, the slant, the placement, each detail about your signature says a lot about you.

Unclear Signature: You Are Arrogant

A clear sign is a choice. If your sign isn’t clear, then it doesn’t mean that you are fast,it is something that you do consciously. If you have a clear sign that means you are open, straightforward and you are willing to share. However, if your sign is unclear, then it means that you are arrogant.

Underline: You Lack Confidence

underline signature mean personality

Underlining your signature shows a need for responsibility and importance. Along with this, it indicates lack of self-confidence.

Short Signature: You’re Impatient

If your signature is short or you write the letters very close to each other, then it means that you are impatient and have a weak concentration level.

Straight Signature: Even-Tempered Personality

A person with a straight signature that is easy to read is a person who is even-tempered and balanced.

Period: You’re A Titan Of Industry

If you end your signature with a period, then it signifies that you are a strong business leader.

Upward Slant: You Think About Future

upward signature mean personality

Your upwards slanted future reflects your ambition and tendency to look towards the future.

Downward Slant: Pessimist

Just like a sad face, a signature that slants downward signifies that you are a pessimist. This means that you are always cautious, you are a person who weighs out the risks of the decisions before going ahead.

Rightward Slant: Sociable

A signature with a rightward slant means that you are a social person and have an outgoing personality. On the other hand, a slant towards the left means that you don’t push yourself forward.

Initials: Private Person

initials signature mean personality

A person who only uses initials instead of full name in the signature is a private person. It means that he/she is holding back something.

Nickname: Fiercely Independent

A signature with just a nickname reveals that a person has an independent personality and has confidence in their own abilities.

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Small Letter Size: Self-Esteem Issues

The size of your signature matters. Large signature shows that you have a sense of high status while medium sized writing reveals a balance of modesty. On the other hand, small writing means that you have low self-esteem.

Large Capital Letters: You’re Proud

Big letters mean that you have high self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth.

Unclear Letters: Your Mind Moves Quickly

unclear signature mean personality

This means that you have an agile mind.

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Last Name More Prominent Than The First: You’re Cautious

If your first name is tough to read and you have a prominent surname, then it means that you are cautious and reserved.

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