Life does not always turn as planned and it does throw lemons at you at times. So what is your first week of February going to be like as per zodiac signs? Here is what Astrologer Manish Sharma has predicted for you. 


aries feb first week

The beginning of the week will be good but you may not be able to concentrate on your work. You will be tensed about your future and feelings of loneliness may ail you. Be cautious of the people near or close to you. As the week progresses, your work will get better as well. Your plannings will also fall into place and money will definitely not be an issue for you.

During the weekend you will have a lot of work but you may end up wasting time on unnecessary things. On the work-life front, those into business may come across people who are likely to cheat. Those employed will be dissatisfied with their work. Healthwise, your neck and waist may bother you and laziness is inevitable. Your love life, be it married or unmarried, will be blissful.


You may get into an argument or a fight. If you are planning on taking a loan or buying a house, try to avoid and take your time. As the week progresses you will be able to complete the task at hand which will be of your wish. Your financial status will get better and the decisions you will take may be on point.

Your enemy will try to be on your case. Your family will be supportive. On the work front, your business might not be as good as before and those employed may have unhappy bosses. As for your health, your teeth and stomach might raise issues. Speaking of your love life, your lover may say something insulting. Those who are married may face a distance and negativity with their respective partners. 


Happiness may come knocking at your doorstep. Your luck will be with you. By the middle of the week, you may face unforeseen issues. Travelling is predicted in your stars. By the weekend you will not feel like working. On the work front, those who had their money stuck in business may get it back.

Those employed will be given new responsibilities. As for health, your shoulders and back might be aching. Love life will be better than before especially if you have had a tiff with your partner but those married may have to part from your spouse for a bit. 


cancer feb first week

The beginning of the week will be good and there will be an air of happiness amongst family members. As the week progresses you may face financial issues. There is a strong prediction of you getting into an argument or fight with people around you. Avoid driving or be very careful and take extra care of your precious belongings.

Your child may be a source of happiness. On the work front, those in a business may get new business proposals and those unemployed may get a job. Regarding your health scenario, you may be mentally stressed out for no reason. Love life will be stable for the married souls but unmarried couples may face attitude issues. 


leo feb first week

The week is predicted to be good for this zodiac sign. Your financial status will be good and you will also be praised. You may make new friends. Your plannings and strategies will work out. Try not to get into an argument with anyone. Do not tell anyone about your ideas or strategies but the youth is recommended to share everything with their parents. Those running a business must tighten their ropes and be a bit vigilant.

Those employed may face obstacles at work. As for the love life, you may get into a disagreement with your partner but those married will get a lot of support from their partners. Speaking of health, just take care of yourself and do not ignore any signs of discomfort. 

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You may face issues during work. A long-pending argument may occur in the beginning of the week. As the week progresses your financial status will get better. Your plannings will be fruitful. If you had money stuck somewhere then you will get it and you may even plan on buying a new vehicle.

You may even have to travel. Those running a business will see success and if you are employed will get new work. On the health front, your eyes may create an issue. Coming to your love life, both married and married people will get support from their partners. 


You will be free of the fights and negativity going around and you will also bump into interesting and successful people. As the week progresses you may be a bit bored. You might have to do some big tasks. Family may together for a good occasion. In business, some issues may get resolved and those employed may get a new offer. On the health front, your teeth and feet may create a problem. Those in love may feel some kind of emptiness in their relationship and people who are married may get into an argument with their spouse. 

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You will be successful at work and your financial status will be in order. You will be praised at work and your luck will be on your side, saving you from some kind of cheating or sly act. You may make new contacts. As the week progresses be a bit careful. Those running a business may have to travel and the people who are employed will be able to achieve their goal. Healthwise, your stomach may not be supportive. If you are in a relationship you may be a happy soul due to your partner but married people may not be as happy as they always are. 


Your luck will be with you and all your plannings will be successful. Some new work may also be on your way. You may have to help out your relatives. You may get to visit some new places. As the week progresses, you may lose out on your privacy for a while.

Take of your expensive or treasured belongings as losing something like that is predicted. Stay away from arguments. Business people may not like their work or will be unhappy and those employed may be annoyed with their bosses. On the health front, you might have a headache or aches in your waist and unnecessary loss of peace of mind is predicted. On the love front, married couples will be fine but those in a relationship may get into an argument. 


It will be a stable week and if there has been some negative undercurrent then that may end here. Don't waste time on unnecessary things. You may have to travel. Be a bit careful while driving especially in the mid of the week. You may get into a small argument. Your family and colleagues will be supportive.

If you run a business then new strategies will come into place and those employed may get loads of work. You may experience some kind of chest pain. Your love life will be peaceful whether you are married or not. 

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You will be meeting friends and the unnecessary tension that has been bothering you will be over. In the middle of the week, there may be an argument or a fight at home. You may get the opportunity to be a part of some good events and at work, you will be successful. The week may have a lot of work pressure on you. On the health front, your hands may ache and some stress may also take its toll. On the love life front, married people will be just fine but those in a relationship may feel like taking a break or maintain some distance from their partner. 


pisces feb first week

You may receive money and the work that has been going so slow for you may pick up speed. You may come on sorted terms with those you may have argued. Your enemies will back off. You will get to meet up with a friend. Try not to travel. Business life will be stable.

If you were hunting for a new job, you may get the opportunity and if you have been unemployed then you may get a job. On the love front, you may be cheated on by your partner if you are in a relationship. Those married may see peace. On the health front, your neck or stomach might raise issues. Even your hands and feet may ache. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi and hang in there if the week goes not as planned as every day is a new day.