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    Weekly Horoscope: February 27 To March 5 Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

    Ahead of the new week, here is a detailed horoscope prediction for all sun signs by our astrology expert, Dr. Aarti Dahiya. Read your horoscope and plan your week ahead. 
    Updated at - 2023-02-24,12:23 IST
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    What does the coming week have in store for you? Here is a detailed weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs by our Astro expert, Dr. Aarti Dahiya. Along with the prediction, our expert has also shared some remedies for each zodiac sign, don’t forget to follow them for a great week ahead. 


    In the coming week, you will find a solution for all your old problems. There will be an inflow of money. Your responsibility in regards to your family will increase and there is a high chance you meet eminent people. If you are planning to do something important this Wednesday and Thursday, you will succeed. However, be wary  since there is some risk involved. Unnecessary tension might build up this week. Be careful while making transactions. Working professionals might face issues at work since they will be under excess work pressure. Constipation and nerve issues might occur. If you have a rift with your partner, it will come to an end and your friendship will grow stronger. 

    Remedy - Offer water to Lord Sun


    You will be happy in the coming week because of the money coming in. There are chances of getting profit in matters related to fixed assets. You might get a new work proposal. Your income too will increase. However, some issues from people around you might bother you. At the work front, you will be able to make new contacts. This week, you might feel tired and irritated. Those in a relationship will have a great time this week. 

    Remedy- Light a ghee diya at Lord Shiva's temple


    You might face some issues on the first two days of the week. There can be some delay in work and expenses too might go up. Be cautious while using a vehicle. By Wednesday and Thursday, you might see some relief. You will see success in matters related to loan and income. Professionals will benefit this week since they will get good support. Students who have been working on a project will see success. Stress will come to an end and you will have a happy week. 

    Remedy - Offer flowers to Lord Hanuman 


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    There will be excess work to handle on Monday and Tuesday. You might travel this week. All the disputes within the family will come to an end. There can be a decrease in savings in the middle of the week because of an increase in expenditure. You will spend a great time with your family. You might see some profit at the professional front. You might suffer from health issues like throat infection, cough, and phlegm. You will have a good time with your partner. 

    Remedy - Offer curd and rice to Lord Shiva


    Along with a lot of work and income coming in, success too will come your way. You might plan to buy a new vehicle or building. Financially, you will feel strong this week. You might get a chance to meet successful and prestigious people. However, be careful on Friday and Saturday, to avoid disputes. Expenses will increase. You might receive a new business deal You might suffer from cold and fever. You will have a happy time with your partner. 

    Remedy - Recite Durga Chalisa

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    This week will be favourable for you on all fronts. All your worries will end and income too will increase. Your friends will support you and you might get to participate in religious work. There will be an increase in income on Friday and Saturday. You might go on a short trip in the coming week. If you are facing any issues professionally, they will come to an end. Health-wise, you might suffer from pain in the neck and joints. 

    Remedy - Visit Lord Ram's temple


    For this sun sign, the coming week can be full of worries. You might have a dispute over a small matter. There are chances of getting some relief on Tuesday. Working professionals might have a stressful time at work. However, if you were looking for new work opportunities, you might find some. Old obstacles will slowly come to an end. Students should keep laziness at bay and put extra  effort into pursuing higher education. You might suffer from stiffness in your body and pain in your back this week. 

    Remedy - Offer bhog to Lord Ganpati


    You might benefit from permanent property and plan to invest in a new one. There will be an increase in income and happiness this week. All your problems will come to an end and you might not face any issues at the work front. All the plans you work on will turn out to be successful. Health wise, you might suffer from minor issues. If you are facing any issues with your partner, they will come to an end. 

    Remedy - Offer milk to Lord Shiva

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    Your opponents will try to dominate you in the coming week. You will get to do good work. You might benefit from permanent assets. There will be an increase in income. There can be some dispute with the people around you. However, all your work will be done on time. Be careful while using a vehicle. You will see growth in your business. Take care of your health, leg injuries might occur. You might also have pain in the back and shoulders. 

    Remedy - Offer white flowers to Lord Krishna


    You will get support from children. You might receive money and a big project might also turn out to be successful. You might have to be on the field for work. Friday and Saturday will turn out to be the best days for you in the coming week. Be careful while making business transactions. On the health front, you might suffer from headache and foot pain. 

    Remedy - Offer prayers to Lord Shiva


    You might suffer from difficulties from the very beginning of the week. There can be some differences with your mother. There will be a lack of finances and happiness this week. Those planning to go abroad will succeed. If you wish to buy a new vehicle, it's a good time to. You might meet your old friends. There are chances you suffer from headache or dizziness. Be careful as a head injury might also take place. 

    Remedy - Offer red flowers to Goddess Durga


    You will receive good support from your family in the coming week. Some issues might arise on Wednesday and Thursday. You might suffer from some problem because of your vehicle. At the work front, things will go easy. You might get to work with new co-workers. There are chances you face issues with your teeth and back. Abdominal pain too might bother you. 

    Remedy - Light a  lamp at Lord Hanuman temple


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