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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 12 Mar 2022, 13:33 IST

Tips To Design Your Bedroom In Bohemian Style

Do you know indoor plants are a big part of the bohemian décor? Take a look!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 12 Mar 2022, 13:33 IST
boho interiors

Do you like the beige or minimal decoration in the bedroom? Do you like the interiors in a Bohemian style? Beautiful beige walls, dream catcher behind the bed, and plants all around. Don’t just the thought make you feel cosy? We have got all the design tips for you. Take a look!

What Is Boho Style? How Do You Achieve It?

The unconventional lifestyle is referred to as Bohemian. It includes carefree patterns, vibrant colours and playful textures. There are no strict rules. However, the decorating tips require you to layer the colours and lighting. It will help you achieve an aesthetic look. You can either go all-in or be subtle with what, how and where you add it.

Tips To Design Bedroom In Bohemian Style

Add Seating At Low Level

low seating

If you follow the Boho philosophy, it promotes a chilling and relaxing environment. Therefore, to create a layback environment, the seating arrangement must be close to the ground. You can add wooden stools or a bench in the bedroom. 

Another idea is to create a cosy corner in the bedroom. You can spread small bedding or floor pillows. It is an inexpensive choice, and it adds a vibrant touch to the room.

Add Green Plants

How can you add a natural vibe to the room without filling it with the elements of nature? Hence, green plants are a solution. With a variety of indoor plants, you can improve the aesthetics of the room.

Need we explain to you the benefits of indoor plants. They improve the quality of air and help to reduce stress. If your bedroom is the space for work from home, plants will also help to boost productivity. A report in Healthline suggests indoor plants have a therapeutic effect on your brain and body. 

Paint A Wall In A Bright Hue

bright wall

The image above shows a wall behind the bed coloured in a hue of blue. To add more colours to the room, a pillow cover is placed in the middle of the bed in another shade of blue. However, the wooden furniture does not have fine edges or intricate work.

The mixture of perfections and imperfections create an impeccable bohemian bedroom. Such a room appears vintage. After painting the room, you can also decide on the colour of lighting that would elevate the overall experience.

Refrain From Using Black In Large Amount

Most of the bohemian interiors have beige and white tones. Dark or black shades do not go with freestyle contrast. Hence, you must refrain from adding black or dark brown shades to the room. You can, maybe, use such shade in the wood of the photo frames, but make sure to not go overboard with that as well.

In a Bohemian bedroom, even the furniture is preferred in light bleached wood. It creates a clean backdrop and makes the room appear airy. Add bright tones with showpieces, books, cushions and pillow covers.

Play With Textures


If you are designing the bedroom in bohemian styles, you have the freedom to play with the textures. Most of the textures come from wood. So, you can choose among aesthetic baskets, natural fibre rugs, wood furniture, artwork, macrame wall hangings, dried planters and upholstery. 

You can keep the wall in a beige tone and play with the textures of wood as shown in the image above. The table has a dark tone with fine edges, and the dried planter is complementing it. The showpieces and vases complement the tone of the wall.

Give A Thought On Adding Patterns

Pick an overarching palette and work with the colours within that frame. It will prevent you from overdoing the texture and also maintain a colour contrast in the room. Do not add patterns everywhere. But maybe choose a wall or a corner for it.

You must keep other walls and corners blank so that eyes have a resting place. For example, if you add a colourful rug in the bedroom, play with contrasting colours on the paintings and frames. Keep the furniture and showpieces in monotones. However, you can add a bit of colour with pillowcases and cushions without crossing the boundaries.

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Add Fragrance

boho bedroom

A room that smells divine; feels good. A pleasant fragrance can alter your mood and heighten your senses. Thus, even if the room is a little off-beat or messy, it would not matter as long as it has an invigorating smell.

You can place scented candles, use a fragrant sachet that does not deliver a powerful fragrance. Incense sticks and essential oil burning pots also help to improve the aesthetic of the room. The market and online e-commerce sites have endless options for you.

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Give The Bedroom A Touch Of Vintage

Vintage paintings or showpieces go a long way with the bohemian interior design of a bedroom. It could be wooden furniture, artwork by a renowned person, lighting fixtures, wooden chandelier or first edition books. Anything that remotely speaks of value in terms of its quality adds perfection to the décor.

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