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All You Need To Know About Sutapa Sikdar, Irrfan Khan's Wife

Irrfan Khan's wife, Sutapa Sikdar was his constant companion as he fought the rare disease.
Published -29 Apr 2020, 14:19 ISTUpdated -29 Apr 2020, 15:17 IST
irrfan khan wife sutapa

We lost one of the finest actors in the Indian film industry this morning. It is heartbreaking to lose a star like Irrfan Khan this early. Irrfan was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour but after his treatment, he almost recovered. Last night he was admitted to the ICU due to a colon infection. 

Irrfan Khan was a strong soul and fought until the very end. It wasn't an easy fight but through his journey, he always had his companion, Sutapa Sikdar by his side. Here is all you need to know about the love of Irrfan's life, Sutapa Sikdar. 

She Is A Dialogue Writer 

Irrfan Khan's wife Sutapa Sikdar has always remained off the limelight. Many don't know that she is an Indian film, dialogue writer. Sutapa Sikdar studied at the National School Of Drama and she always had a thing for storytelling and screenplay writing. She is known for her work in movies like Shabd, Supari, Khamoshi: The Musical. 

When She Met Irrfan

irrfan sutapa nsd

Irrfan Khan belonged to the family of the Pathans where his father and other family members were running the family business. Irrfan wasn't interested in being a part of it and was preparing for his Master's degree. When he got an audition invite from NSD, who knew he would find the love of his life. 

Sutapa Sikdar was learning acting at NSD but had more interest in screenplay writing. When Irrfan first noticed Sutapa, he couldn't resist himself from going and talking to her. It worked in his favour and they became good friends. 

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Put The Wedding Plans On Hold

Both Irrfan and Sutapa were career-oriented and wanted to make a mark in their respective fields before tying the knot. It was in the year 1995 that Irrfan and Sutapa got married. It wasn't a big celebration. They had a simple court marriage and began the new phase of their life. 

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Through Thick And Thin

sutapa sikdar irrfan wife

The secret to Irrfan and Sutapa's relationship was always their friendship! The two saw a lot of ups and downs in their professional and personal lives but got through it all with their love. 

When Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour, they flew to London for their treatment. Sutapa Sikdar always stood by him and gave him confidence. 

When Irrfan Khan returned to India, Sutapa wrote an emotional post for Irrfan. Through the post, she expressed how painful the year has been. 

She wrote, "Longest year of our life. Time was never measured with pain and hope at the same time ever. While we take our baby steps back to work, to life I am submerged in prayers wishes and faith from friends, relatives, strangers and a connection with the universe which gives us a small chance for this new start. It seems unbelievable… never ever I realized the meaning of the word unpredictable so well… never ever I could feel peoples wishes on my bones my breath my heartbeat which helped me to stay focused and kicking. I can’t take names because there are names and there are names I don’t even know who played angels. Sorry for not being able to answer individually but I know what you mean to us.”

"I don’t see beyond one day and that day is today where everything seems fine. For today we go back to work.and the dance and song of life continues. Thank you for believing in your prayers."

sutapa sikdar son irrfan khan

Irrfan and Sutapa are parents to two boys, Babil and Ayaan. In an interview, Sutapa talked about Irrfan Khan being a father. She shared, “The way he understands them, their mood swings and other things… It’s not about playing football like most of the fathers do. He understands their mind, soul, heart, and understands the different approach of parenting.”

Filmmaker, Shoojit Sircar expressing his condolences on Twitter wrote, "My dear friend Irfaan. You fought and fought and fought. I will always be proud of you.. we shall meet again.. condolences to Sutapa and Babil.. you too fought, Sutapa you gave everything possible in this fight. Peace and Om shanti. Irfaan Khan salute."

Our condolences to the family. We lost an irreplaceable gem of the industry today.

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