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From Greysexual To Demiboy, Here Are Some LGBTQ+ Terms To Update Your Vocabulary

There are varied terms used for the LGBTQ+ community, and as good allies, we should all be aware of them.
Published -07 Jun 2022, 17:29 ISTUpdated -07 Jun 2022, 17:55 IST
lgbt terms with meaning

The LGBTQ+ community has come a long way to find acceptance in society today. With changing attitudes and a positive shift in people’s mentality, the world is becoming a better place, especially for the people of the LGBTQ+ community.

To help you brush up on your vocabulary, here are some LGBTQ+ terms that will help you become a better ally.


Asexuality is a sexual orientation, in which people are not sexually attracted to others or do not experience sexual desire. They have no urge to act sexually on their attraction to others.


greysexual people

Greysexuality is used to describe people who would fall between asexual and sexual. These people experience sexuality either rarely or at a low intensity. Greysexual people do not lie under the rigid, societally built and enforced binary. 

Make a note of both the terms Asexual and greysexual, as they are often confused for each other.

Trans Feminine / Trans Masculine

Those who are assigned male by birth, but they express their gender in a more feminine way, such as through their hairstyle, outfits, and makeup choices, they are Trans feminine. 

Those who are assigned female by birth, but they express their gender in a more masculine way, they are Trans Masculine.


lesbian women

Lesbians are women who are sexually attracted to other women.


Gay is a term used to describe people who are romantically or physically attracted to people of the same sex.


Bisexual people are those who are attracted to 2 or more genders. While the word 'bi' does refer to two, the term's meaning has broadened beyond the gender binary.


Omnisexual people are attracted to people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.


People who identify as pansexual are drawn to people without even noticing their gender.

The terms pansexual and omnisexual are often used interchangeably but there is a slight difference between them:  Those who identify as pansexual are attracted to people regardless of their gender, whereas omnisexuals recognize the gender of potential partners.


Demiboy is a gender identity that identifies someone who, regardless of their sex at birth, exhibits masculine characteristics. The phrase demiboy is a space where a person can feel linked to the aspects of masculinity that they find comfortable.

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who are Skoliosexuals

People who are attracted to people who are not cisgendered are referred to as skoliosexuals. They are drawn to people who are transgender or nonbinary.


Queer is an umbrella term used for people who are neither heterosexual or nor cisgender.

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Non- Binary 

While gender binary refers to the classification of gender into two distinct gender identities: male and female, non-binary refers to gender identities that are not solely male or female.

While these terms may be difficult to learn at first, reading them more than a few times may help you better understand them.

Sexuality is a wide spectrum, yet not everyone fits into it. However, even that is okay. Some people may never be able to figure it out or may not want to be labelled, and as allies, we must accept however they want to feel about their sexuality.

I hope this guide helps you understand the LGBT+ community better. Share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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