5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Be Financially Independent

Being financially independent is known to improve self-esteem and boost confidence.

Kumari Rajnigandha
working woman

Being financially independent is something every woman should aim for. It not only makes you more self-reliant but also happens to be good for your well being. Since young men are told to be career oriented whereas women are burdened with the responsibilities of handling the home. Nowadays, the trend is shifting and parents are encouraging their girl child to aim big. Today, women are excelling in varied professions and making their name known. Earning money is not simply to have a luxurious lifestyle, but also to attain a certain level of independence. Here are the 5 reasons why every woman should be financially independent.

To Have Independence In Marriage

independence and freedom

Women have traditionally been dependent on men for financial support. Fortunately, it is not the case anymore. Nowadays, countless women are earning their own money and striving to be financially independent. With being financially independent comes the power to make one's own decisions and support them.

When it comes to a marriage, partners need to treat each other as equals. If you are financially independent, your partner is likely to see you as an equal partner. Moreover, if you make your own money you can choose to make your decisions without depending upon your partner or anyone else.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

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Independence may boost your self-worth and self-esteem, especially if becoming self-sufficient is one of your goals. Financial, emotional, social, professional, and personal independence provide a sense of success that transforms how you judge yourself and how others see you. Your self-esteem and personal success will benefit greatly from the improved self-worth that comes with independence. Not just that, you will also become a more confident person in life just by earning your own money.

To Keep Up With The Increasing Cost Of Living

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As we all know, inflation has been steadily increasing over the previous few decades. The cost of owning a quality home, sending your children to a reputable school, and maintaining an above-average level of life has risen dramatically. As a result, two-income households do far better. Women who are financially self-sufficient may contribute not just to the household's day-to-day costs, but also to the family's long-term financial objectives.

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To Be An Inspiration To Her Children

children role model

A woman who has the capacity to meet her family's needs financially, socially, emotionally, and in other ways serves as a role model for her children. She demonstrates to her children that gender bias is simply a product of society. When a woman is strong, confident, and sure of herself, she can achieve a lot of things in life including financial success. When children witness their moms being financially self-sufficient, they will realise the importance of money and be motivated to be self-sufficient as adults.

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To Have Own Identity

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It becomes imperative to be able to earn your own money in order to establish an identity. Non-working women end up inadvertently conforming to the roles of a wife for their husbands or a mother to their children. In the process, they sometimes even lose their own identity. Hence, it is important to earn money and be financially independent.

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