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Women's Day 2022: Aditi Kothari Desai On Financial Independence, Investments And More

Finance expert Aditi Kothari Desai feels it is the lack of interest in women that makes them less confident about investing. 
Published -09 Aug 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -02 Mar 2022, 14:48 IST
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For years we have had this deep-rooted idea that women can't handle finance or aren't good investors. However, many women have ventured into the financial sphere and excelled. 

One such power woman is Aditi Kothari Desai. She is the Director on the Board, Head of Marketing, Digital and Sales at DSP. We had a special Instagram live with Aditi Kothari Desai. This women's day, let us read about her empowering ideas on being financially independent and take inspiration from her to achieve something in life. 


On Why Women Aren't Confident About Investing

Most women today are working, they work hard and spend sensibly but not many of them invest. Why? Aditi Kothari Desai shared, "Investing needs patience. Women trust more than a man does a financial advisor or someone else. Both these aspects are very important where investing is concerned. However, I feel that women don't have the interest and don't have the confidence as a result."

She added, "Also, they have never been taught as children that it is going to be their duty to invest their money because maybe they have never seen their parents do that or their mother do that but today women who are young mothers or will be mothers are told that they will be earning their own money and earning doesn't stop at earning and they have to invest their money and only then you will be truly financially independent."

On Taking The Accountability

aditi kothatri desai interview

She shared that it is not just important to invest but also to take accountability for it. She said, "What's the point of earning your money and giving it to someone else the control of your money. You have to make your own investment decisions. You can have a financial advisor but the final decision should be yours."

Finance Tips For Beginners

Talking of investment tips for beginners, she shared with us, "First, you need to find a financial advisor. You need to make sure that your risk profiling is done. Risk profiling will tell you your ability to take investment and your personality type that allows you to take the certain investment." 

She said, "For example, I am 25 years old, I have the rest of my life. Even if the market goes down 1-2 times, by the time I retire, I have enough money. If I am 65, I will be retiring soon, I may not be having a regular salary or have already retired. I can't take chances even if I want to." 

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She added, "It's very important that you have your own account so that you are forced to learn how to invest. Make your own investment decisions and remember it is your money and you are responsible for it. Don't blame it on someone else."

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On Women With Being Financially Independent 

When we asked the finance expert some tips for women to get financially independent, she said, "I feel every woman is financially independent if you ask me because even if you are not going to earn your own money, one day you may inherit some money. So, you will always have your pot of money through somewhere and today everyone is working, maybe they stop when they get married, for whatever personal reasons or if they have a child but they have saved some money in their name. So, financial independence is not having money but is being able to take control of that money, and the way you control the money is by investing. Investing also gives you passive income."

Lastly, she shared some quick finance tips. She said, "Be patient, understand yourself, anxiety has to be low, trust your financial advisor and once you invest, keep investing in a digital manner but don't keep checking your portfolio." 

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