We Indians love our ‘chai’ and it’s impossible to imagine life without having that soothing cup of tea in the morning or evening. Now, looking at the consumption level of the tea bags or the leaves used in a day or a month can surely leave your trash bin filled up to its rim. But how about re-using these tea bags in your home for various purposes? Here are some cool ways of how you can use the old tea bags after finishing your freshly brewed beverage.

Cleaning Your Carpet

old tea bag

Now you must be wondering that most of our lives we have only stained the carpet by spilling the tea on it, so how come it will be used to clean it now. Well, you can freshen up your carpet by extracting the leaves from a dried tea bag. Mix the extracted leaves with baking soda powder and then put them on the spots which you feel are dirty or smelly. Keep the mixture on the carpet for about 20 minutes and then use your vacuum cleaner on it. The powerful combination of tea leaves and baking soda will effectively trap the odor and dirt from your carpet, leaving it fresh and clean like a new one.

Enhance The Flavour Of Your Pasta

Once you are done having your cup of tea, re-use the tea bags to enhance the flavor of several other foods. Put the used tea bag in a pan or bowl and then fill it with water and bring it to boil. Once the water is boiled, take out the tea bags and use the leftover tea water in foods like pasta or rice to elevate its taste.

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Use It As DIY Air Freshener

dried tea bags

Used tea bags can make a good air freshener, after finishing your cup of tea remove the bag and let it dry for few hours. Once it is dried up, add few drops of your favorite essential oils to the bag. Since tea bags come with a cotton thread you can easily hang these bags in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or anywhere around the house, you want.

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Keep The Pests Away

old tea bag uses

It is believed that pests like mice don’t really like the smell of tea and they run away from it. You can make use of your leftover tea bags as a repellent to keep pesky pests like ants and flies away from your home. Another Diy which you can try for getting rid of pests is by adding essential oil to the old teabags. Put some essential oil like peppermint oil into the bag and hang it on your cupboards or shelves and to keep the pests at bay.

We hope you found these easy hacks and tips using old tea bags useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.