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    October 2021: Monthly Tarot Card Reading For All Sun Signs

    Are stars aligned in your favour or not? Read on your monthly horoscope to know more. 
    • Jeevika Sharma
    • Editorial
    Published -27 Sep 2021, 11:16 ISTUpdated -03 Oct 2021, 12:54 IST
    jeevika sharma's monthly tarot horoscope

    With the right planning and execution, a lot of future anxieties could be taken care of. Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma is here to guide you for the month of October. Plan your month as per the detailed tarot card reading shared by the expert. Read on.


    There is a good chance this month that you would get some work opportunity which, if you take, will result in monetary benefit in the future. Though the same can’t be said for your personal life. There will hardly be any activity in your personal life and will be same as it was in September 2021.


    There is a strong possibility this month that you would get into a fight and/or argument in your personal life. There will be several instance in your Personal life this month which would lead to disappointment. Professionally, there are chances of getting some good opportunities. You should not miss those opportunities. So, grab those without wasting anytime.

    Jeevika Sharma


    This month Gemini, your professional life will see a smooth sail throughout without any hinderances or challenges. But, you would face some issues in your personal life or relationships. These issues would be drive by strong emotions. So, you need to be careful.


    When your career in concerned, this month you will be ruling in your area of work. Whereas, in your personal life you will be confused most of the time wondering which way to choose out of all the options available.



    Leo, this month your career will see a lot of things turning in your favour. The decisions you made in the past will turn out to be very fruitful. This month you will be busy making decisions about your professional life or the opportunities available to you now. There will be a lot of stress and emotional upheaval in your personal life.


    This month Virgo, you are likely to receive some gain from a hidden source. It could be commission which were owed, some money through embezzling, etc. You will be confused about the actions you need to take in your personal life. Or, you might even feel lazy to make a needed change.


    In terms of your personal life Libra, you will make great efforts to improve and enhance the loveable bond between you and your partner. This move would erase any past issues which you might have with your partner. Those who are employed in a salaried job will gain professionally this month. A growth opportunity will be coming your way.


    Scorpio, you will be able to control all the arguments which would be arising in your professional life this month. There could be emotional strain in your love or in your relations with others in general. This month will teach you a lesson about the importance of self-control.


    Personally, someone from your past will enter your life to disturb you. And, due to this reason you might not be able to start anything new related to your personal life this month. Professionally, you will find yourself running away from your work only to reduce the mess or disturbances in your life.



    Capricorn this month you should be cautious as there is a possibility that someone could come to fool you or you might take a foolish decision which would be disastrous for your professional life. Do not listen to others and use your brain instead. In terms of your personal life, you will avoid taking any new step.


    This month you will be more inclined to run away from your responsibilities especially those related to your personal life. Even in your professional life you would follow the same approach. You don’t want to deal anything this month. But, you should take the responsibility and not run away. If you don’t run from your responsibilities it will be beneficial to you.

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    Throughout the month of October, Pisces, you would be suspicious about your partner or the person you are in love with. You will continuously think or might even believe that they are hiding something from you. Whereas, in reality, they wont be hiding anything from you. All you need to do is to give them time so they could open up.

    We hope you have a great month ahead. For more such tarot card readings, stay tuned!  

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