We all love our crown so much that many of us spend a fortune on thr right hair care just to have healthy and long hair. Some of us try every nuskha passed down by all ancestors and even get transplants and extensions done just for the vertical length but then we have some individuals who have the genes and that will to maintain their hair and have hair length which can be as long as 2 meters! Yes! Meet Nilanshi Patel, 18, who has that long a mane.

The world-known Guinness World Records has noted her name with the description of a teenager with the longest hair as of 2020. The young woman has broken her own record as even in 21 November 2018, her tresses were noted as the longest hair on a teenager.

The last time she cut her hair was when she was 6 and believes it to be her lucky charm. Nilanshi washed her hair once a week which she shared, takes 30 minutes to dry but an hour to comb. One would definitely want to show off that length and keep it open which is obviously not possible and nor is the maintenance a joke. 

Nilanshi told a media house that she usually braids her hair but whenever she plays table tennis, she makes a bun. 

long hair

What made her grow her hair?

"I got my hair cut, a really bad haircut. So, then I decided that I won't cut my hair. I decided that when I was six and have not cut it since," Nilanshi told media.

However, the young student is not yet sure whatever she wants to keep them long or not to seek more such records when she enters the adult category.

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Nilanshi grabbed eyeballs on a foreign platform. She featured on an Italian show called La Notte dei Record (The Night of Records) in 2018. At that time, her hair measured 170.5 centimetres (5 feet 7 inches).

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To record the exact length, Guinness World Records measures the hair when it is wet, as the hair is naturally longer when wet and therefore provides a clear measurement. 

What do you do to maintain your hair? Use desi nushkas like a hot oil massage and stick healthy food. Genes for sure play a major role but how you maintain your crown also affects your hair quality. 

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