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Looking To Spend Quality Time With Your Sibling? Here Are Some Movies You Can Binge Watch Together!

Spending quality time with your sibling is a must. Here is a list of movies that you can binge-watch with them! 
movies to watch with siblings

Siblings are our true best friends, aren’t they? They are the first people to be available when you are in need of something or are in any kind of problem. 

From sobbing in your bed alone at night to eating a tub full of ice cream while watching a movie together, you may always pick them, regardless of anything. 

Here is our list of movies you can binge-watch with your sibling while you choose to spend time with your dearest sibling! 

Legally Blonde

Being the most popular chick-flick ever there is, this one had to make it to the top of our list. 

This movie is a true representation of self-love and overcoming challenges to face your fears in life. We see Elle becoming the person she never dreamt of and topping her college with an exceptional grade by the end. 

Starting out as a typical high-school girl, there comes a time when she develops her skills to much higher ground to achieve elite status. 

The Edge Of Seventeen

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Streaming on Netflix, this is an ideal watch with your sibling. 

This movie is all about a teenager facing issues with her brother and her mother as she resorts to her father as her only way to a calmer life. 

There are a whole lot of twists and turns throughout Nadine’s life while she is on her way to finding a peaceful life. 

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Charlie’s Angels

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This is a classic! There have been many sequels for this one but there’s none that beats the OG (original)! 

With 3 angels thriving to save the world, there’s a lot of drama, comedy, and action. 

There’s absolutely nothing that can be above this sequel in the list we’ve got so far! 

To All The Boys I've Ever Loved

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With 3 sequels streaming on Netflix, we are casually waiting for more. 

This is definitely the place for all-girl drama! It’s a dreamy love story between Lara Jean and Peter Kevensky while her sisters, Kitty and Gen have an exceptionally huge role to play in Lara Jean’s love life. 

Based on a book series, this movie definitely gives us the true feel of falling in love and dealing with everything in and out! 

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The Kissing Booth

insidE      T.

With 3 sequels out, we have reached the end of the list with the end to a beautiful sequel. 

With The Kissing Booth, we have a glimpse of what we call true friendship. While we see a goofy side to Shelly Evans and Lee Flynn, we also see a wholesome side to Shelly Evans and Noah Flynn. 

There’s utmost romance and amazing goofy nature to a friendship. 

Which one is your favourite? Find us on Instagram and comment. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more viral stories and trends!


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