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    5 Moments From Bigg Boss 16 That Reek Of Internalised Misogyny

    Bigg Boss 16 is not only a blend of drama and fights, but an amalgamation of hypocrisy and internalised misogyny. 
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2022-12-06,14:23 IST
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    Bigg Boss 16 is all the rage these days. Every media house covers even the smallest of developments. In the past seasons, Colors TV used to share a clip of the biggest turning points or when the drama was about to unfold with a fight.

    However, every episode in this season is about fighting. It is as if every contestant thinks that they are not delivering content unless they indulge in a fight.

    It is an understatement to call this season more dramatic than others. You can see Ankit and Priyanka or Shaleen and Tina fighting in an infinite loop. Every day seems to be the same for these supposed “friends”. They go from confessing their love for one another to being sworn enemies, all in 24 hours.

    On Bigg Boss 16, celebrities live together without any contact with the outside world. There is only so much they can pretend on the camera. Sooner or later, they all show their true personalities. Drama and manufactured fights are one thing, but the internalised misogyny this season has been unmissable. Here are five things that you must have noticed if you have been watching Bigg Boss 16.

    Men Do Not Cook

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    You will not see any man cooking in the house this season. Much like most households in India, it is only women who are carrying the weight of feeding the men. Tina, Sumbul, Archana, Soundarya, Priyanka, Srijita, and Nimrit are all actors, probably more popular than the men in the house, yet no matter what day or who the captain is, they are the ones who cook, while men strategise their next move, gossip or pick up fights. 

    How come no man knows how to cook when they all claim to have struggled a lot to be where they are? In one of the episodes, Sajid Khan was asked by Bigg Boss to cook something for him. He claimed to cook one of the best English scrambled eggs and paratha. But otherwise it has only been the women pulling all the weight in the kitchen..

    Shaleen Bhanot’s Issues With Anger Management

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    While most of the contestants have anger issues, it is Shaleen who keeps having disturbing outbursts. There have been multiple accounts where he has claimed that he loves Tina Dutta. Yet on many accounts, he has snapped at her in the blink of an eye.

    Even Salman Khan and Bigg Boss have pointed it out. Once he disrespected a doctor sent for him, and another time, he has been scolded twice for talking back to Bigg Boss and his team when he was asked to speak in Hindi. 

    When Shaleen gets angry, he does not seem to think before speaking. There have been multiple occasions when Tina asked him not to speak to her like that. She has even complained to MC Stan and Nimrit about the way Shaleen has treated her.

    Men Sitting Around & Making Fun Of Women

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    You might have seen in movies, how men tend to sit around chai tapris (tea stalls) and make snide remarks about women or anyone passing by. We have seen the same behaviour in the Bigg Boss house.

    When Golden Boys were asked to stay with contestants, Archana got up early in the morning to do some exercise. Sajid, Shiv, and the other men of the house made fun of the way she walked. We have seen this happen many times. The men sit in one of the common areas or smoking areas to discuss things and then just end up making fun of the other people in the house.

    Archana’s Insensitive Comment On Tina’s Dog And Sumbul’s Face

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    Last week, Tina Dutta came to know that Archana had joked about her dog’s death and questioned her decision to not cut the cake on her birthday. While we agree with Salman Khan that it was outside information that Bigg Boss shared with Tina, and she was not supposed to share it with anyone,

    Archana had no right to bring it into the conversation. Khan also justified it by saying that Tina shared a confidential piece of information, and knowing Archana, she did what she always does, make a mountain out of a molehill. 

    In another task, we saw Archana calling out to Bigg Boss to see Sumbul’s face before making her the captain of the house, in case the team was planning to. How did she get away with it on national television, we would not understand.

    Other housemates tried to make her understand that she was wrong, yet she stood her ground with pride. It was only when Khan questioned him that she said she did not say the right thing. However, the reprimand was more about Archana questioning the decisions of Bigg Boss.

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    Archana & Priyanka Discussing The Way Soundarya Dresses

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    Last week, we saw Archana and Priyanka saying that Soundarya often finds her way out with housemates because of the way she dresses. In a way, they called her dressing provocative.

    Priyanka said that she dresses casually because she thinks she is living in a house. Archana shared that if she decides, she can look hotter and sexier than Soundarya. The same conversation continued throughout the day. 

    These are the two women who would snap and cry at the drop of a hat if anyone else would have questioned their way of dressing. They would have reverted to arguments of ‘my body, my choice’ and yet they shame others. Need we point out the hypocrisy? 

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    Well! Bigg Boss 16 seems to be a show which people watch for drama and childish fights. It has become a guilty pleasure for many, but we need to draw a line between finding pleasure in drama and internalised misogyny. As an audience, we have to be wary of what we consume and call out these celebrities and such shows. Even packed with drama, a reality show has to be more than just about entertainment, clothes and makeup.

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