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Here's What Your Lip Shape Has To Say About Your Personality!

Every lip shape is different and yours definitely has a lot to say about what kind of person you are. Read on to know more! 
Lips Shape about Personality

Your lips have always been a facial feature that is the first to change shape as soon as your moods make a swing. Many face scientists have a lot to say about you by just looking at your lips and their design. While yours may be plumped, your friend may have an undefined lip shape. Does your lip shape indicate anything about your personality? Here’s a little something for you to know!

Naturally Full Lips 

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Evenly and naturally plump on both top and bottom lip indicates that you are a compassionate person with strong parenting instincts. People with this lip shape carry a natural desire to safeguard and protect people around them, usually their close ones; their caring, selfless nature means that they deeply care about others and find pleasure in doing so. They like to maintain a close circle of friends and value relationships above everything else. 

Thin Lips 

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Women with thin lips tend to be loners and relatively shy. Their introverted personality also means that they are self-reliant; they are alright with being alone and are content with the vision of being independent. 

Although they may not be as well-versed in relationships as people with naturally fuller lips, that doesn’t mean they can’t function well as partners; they may require someone with a set direction and a separate set of interests and hobbies for the relationship to succeed. 

Lips That Are Plumper In The Centre 

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People with a plump in the center of their lips, feast in the spotlight and are born to be natural performers. They prefer to surround themselves with people than be alone. Being the center of attention and the life of the party is their motto. 

When it comes to relationships, they may be more of a “drama queen,” but leaving aside everything, they like to seek fun and excitement to get the most out of their life.

Lips With A Prominent Cupid’s Bow 

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People with a peaked cupid’s bow are represented by their creativity. They strive for self-expression in every form, with productive, and artistic results. These personalities are self-aware and have remarkable memory; they are great at remembering faces and maintaining social relations. The peaked pout also displays a quick mind, but a highly reactive character, meaning that their spontaneity and impulsiveness can sometimes throw people off. 

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Lips With A Round Cupid’s Bow 

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Lips with a rounded cupid’s bow present a compassionate and kind heart. Their sensitive disposition means that they can become easily bitter and triggered by things like inequity and misfortune. They love to help people and are likely to express deep concern for others.

Lips With An Undefined Cupid’s Bow 

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Although people with an undefined cupid’s bow are particularly responsible and reliable, they can frequently be overly giving and lack a sense of emotional limitations. Their excessive charity indicates that they might come off too strong and neglect their self-care. 

Regardless, they will tackle any problem head-on and are very efficient at meeting deadlines, also managing their timelines. While their bosses probably approve of these personalities, people in their personal life may end up being insulted.

Goldilocks Lips 

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People who have normal lips, neither too thick nor too thin, have a medium-sized, standard pout; their cupid’s bow has no overly defined shape but it doesn’t lack definition either. They are characterized by their balanced life and ability to resolve any task presented to them. Their common sense is said to be insightful and their logic skills are naturally sharp, with their major strength being their ability to listen to others.

Although they show ample respect and self-restraint and may come off as patient personalities, they still love to laugh and open up when in comfortable surroundings. In relationships, they don't tend to be needy or drama-seeking, but they do tend to dream to have a deeper connection with people.

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Enhanced Lips 


According to the traditional Chinese face reading technique, changing your natural features implies interfering with your destiny, changing the path you were meant to take initially. Choosing to inject your lips is said to make one more needy and selfish. 

Their emotional instability can burn and cause trouble in their romantic relationships. The extent of plumpness is said to be equal to the degree of the pleasure-seeking capacity of the individual and may welcome drama in their associations. 

How you choose to enhance your lips also makes a huge difference—a larger-filled upper lip emphasizes the drama-seeking factor, whereas a plumper lower lip reveals a desirable side that thrives on a luxurious lifestyle.

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