Your Nail Colour Speaks About Your Personality

By Tanya Malik24 Aug 2018, 10:20 IST

We all love adding colours to our overall look and there is nothing better than adding a pop to your nails. But, did you know that the nail colour you pick to apply to your nails can speak a lot about your personality? Well, yes, that can happen for real! Your nail colour can tell a lot about your psychology and nature. Dr. Jai Madaan, who is a well-known astrologer, recently talked to us and shared how we can get to know more about a person's nature and personality with the help of their nail colour. 

French Manicure 

A lot of women today are going for french manicures. French Manicure has natural nails but white tips. If a person sports french manicures often, then it Indicates that the person has immense love for natural things. 

Nude Colour 

Nude colours are evergreen. A lot of women stick to nude colours instead of going for anything bright. It Indicates the blending nature of the person. Also, it shows their skill to express their natural self. 

Red Colour 

Reds are an all-time favourite. Those who pick red nail colour are very passionate about everything and are always high on energy.

Neon Colours 

Neon colours are taking over slowly. They are becoming the new trend. Neon colours show the spontaneous nature of the person. 

White Colour

Whites are classic. Women who paint their nails white too often are like a clean canvas and it is very easy to programme them. It is very easy to make such a person understand things.

Black Colour

Black is usually a colour that is related to hiding things. It shows that the person has hidden tendencies. It also indicates that the person is not really the way they are showing themselves to be. 

Pink Colour

Pinks, which are usually loved by teens and young girls, indicate the desire for unconditional love by the person.