The universe is a vast entity. So vast that we can't ever be close enough to how vast it actually is. Everything here is planned and systematic. The people their behavior, habits all negatives, and positives meet to create a balance in the world. There are many unsolved mysteries about human behavior, So, let us crack them all with these birthstones that reveal secrets about your personality, desires, and more.

January - Garnet 


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People born in the first month of the year are generally very introverted. Apart from that, they are great at defending their love, they are loyal and not very sentimental when it comes to the expression of love.  Garnet is the birthstone of people born in this month. This stone provides the power to express better and makes one psychologically strong. And, to understand your deepest secrets you can wear this stone and find out things that you yourself don't know.

February - Amethyst


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Amethyst is the birthstone of people born in the second month of the year. People born in this month, love their freedom and hate being tied to a relationship that pulls them down. These people are seekers of peace and are said to be great dreamers.

March - Aquamarine

People born in this month are generally charming and very warm. But, these people fail to express properly, what exactly goes on in their minds. They are highly creative and intelligent but tend to be lonely. To help people born in March, through their problems of being unexpressive, these people can wear their birthstone which is aquamarine. This will soak up all their difficulties and will also alleviate the negative vibes.

April - Diamond 


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The birthstone for this month is diamond. And sharing the essence of love, the people born in April carry the love elements inside them. Further, these people can go to great extents to protect and care for the ones they love but it must be taken into consideration, that just like diamonds, these people are also hard to break.

May - Emerald

People born in May, give priority to their thoughts, emotions, and affection for other people. What these people care for most, is their own emotions and this sometimes can turn the tables down. Wearing Emerald will help you sought the right way and lead a balanced life.

June - Pearl

Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June. June born people are very attractive personalities and everything they do is also deserving of attention. But sometimes these people tend to fantasize about life and forget about reality, which often backfires at them. Pearl can protect them from such happenings.

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July - Ruby 

People born in this month have a greater sense of responsibility and commitment and they generally place the thoughts and needs of others before their own. People born in July can achieve a higher meaning in life if they use their birthstone, Ruby. This will enhance their good qualities and help them become more energetic human beings.

August - Peridot


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The individuals born in the 8th month, August are blessed with otherworldly compassion. They are empaths they want to spread love and kindness and their birthstone is peridot. This stone can enhance their empathetic power and their great sense of humour.

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September- Sapphire 


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September borns are deemed to be very confident and dynamic individuals. Their birthstone is Sapphire. These individuals love spending time alone and also have issues with their mental health and physical health but they won't take that seriously. Their birthstone can surely make them more self-loving and charming.

October- Opal

These people are brimming with love for their families. As the family holds high positions in their lives. They are very warm people and love the idea of finding the one true love and settling down with them. They are very peaceful people and their qualities can get better and their life more vivid with their birthstone, Opal.

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November - Topaz

Individuals born in this month are very sporting and unique. They are innovative and talented and prefer not to blend in with the crowd and stand out, rather.  Topaz is the birthstone of November, it can really help the individuals to be kinder and more driven towards their ideas and goals.

December - Turquoise 

December born individuals are very caring and loving. Apart from that, they are very shy and people often take them to be rude about this but they are not. In fact, these individuals are intelligent and will share even their deepest secrets with others when it comes to heart to heart conversations. Turquoise is the birthstone of people born in the last month of the year and they can derive a lot of benefits from it.


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