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Karwa Chauth Tips For Couples In A Long Distance Relationship

Want to celebrate Karwa Chauth but you are in a long distance relationship? Worry not because we have tip to make your Karwa Chauth special.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -12 Oct 2021, 15:16 ISTUpdated -12 Oct 2021, 15:38 IST
Karwa chauth tips

Karwa Chauth is one of the biggest Hindu festival celebrated by women. It is celebrated on the fourth day after Purnima i.e. full moon, in the month of Kartika. You must have seen your mother's or married friends fasting (karwa chauth ka vrat) for their husbands and only breaking the fast after looking at their husband's through a circular seive with a dia in it. 

What if you live far away from each other and can not be together for Karwa Chauth? Well worry not because even though you are far away you can still celebrate Karwa Chauth and make it speacil for each other. 

Meaningful Gifts

Meaningful gifts

Though you are far apart you can still make each other feel special with just one tiny click of a button. Gifts are special as they make the person who you are gifting the gift to feel special and loved. If you want someone to feel loved and special you can always put a lot of thought in what you give them. 

Try to give something they can use or something they can hold close to their hearts. Try to find out what they love or what they need; for example if your loved one lives outside India they must be craving Indian food and small things you find in India. You can always curate a small hamper or a gift basket or even a Karwa Chauth outfit for you partner to wear. 

Spend Time Organizing The Day

Spend time organizing

With all the fasting and celebration it can be quite intimidating so it's best to plan the day. Start before Karwa Chauth so that it's easier for you. Living far apart can at times lead to difference in schedules so talk to your partner before hand and make sure both of you are free during that time. 

When it comes to the day try to have fun and make sure to spend time with friends or family to cheer yourself up. At night make sure to organize your day in such a manner that you have a lot of time to spend with your partner. 

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Dress up

Dress up

You would definitely want to look your best for Karva Chauth. Take your time getting ready; even if you are not with your loved one you still deserve to dress up and look all gorgeous. When you video call your partner you definitely want to make sure that it is you he is looking at instead of the moon. 

Dressing up will also make you feel like you are celebrating Karwa Chauth with all the zeal; it will make you and your partner feel like you are not that far apart. Put on every tiny jewelry and dress up in a stunning outfit with perfect makeup; this will make the long distance Karwa Chauth that much more special. 

Video call

Video Call

Finishing off the festival on a call or just looking at your partner's picture is great in daily soaps but not real life. Video call your partner instead of just calling them, make them feel special and loved on this festival. Since you are already dressed up you might we well video call and watch the moon together with them and if they don't pick up then keep on calling because this is your festival and you deserve all the love and support from your partner. 

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Talk About Eachother

Talk About Eachother

Don't just cut the call once the ritual is done! Stay and talk to your partner. Once the ritual is done stay and talk; this will create a strong bond between you and your partner. Karwa Chauth is all about celebrating love and the bond you have with your partner. 

Talk about each other and forget about everything else because festival is a special day for you and your partner to celebrate. Make sure to have fun and laughs but also some loving and serious conversations with your loved one. 

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