Makeup is something which can make us feel confident and beautiful in seconds. I pretty pink blush, nude lips and a sultry mascara are staple for a natural look. Be it a natural look, a no makeup makeup look or a sultry sexy look; they all can be achieved in 5 minutes. 

List Of Things You Need

  • A dewy foundation primer 
  • CC cream 
  • Cream blush
  • Highlighter
  • Nude lipstick or a nice tinted lip shade
  • A natural eyeshadow palette 
  • Kohl/Kajal
  • Mascara

Natural Look

natural look

Natural look is one of the easiest yet the most difficult looks as it is hard to have control in not overdoing it. A natural look requires minimal effort with a simple CC cream which can be applied in place of foundation to give a natural tint not masking your true skin. 

Next you need is to apply a soft cream blush, just a tiny dab that’s it. You can quickly move on to a soft brown shadow (almost matching your eyelids).

And now you are done just apply some mascara (preferably brown if your lashes are lighter) and a soft lip tint. Now you are good to go!

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Natural Glam Look

Natural glam

Natural glam is the new glam given how popular skincare has become in 2021. Given the lockdown everyone has started to opt for a natural glam with a smoky eye look.

First you have to start with a base, the best is to use a dewy foundation with primer in it for a long lasting dewy look. A cream blush is there to highlight your cheek bones to give it a flushed natural look. You can use a bit on setting powder before you apply on your T zone area.

For the smokey eye look all you need is kohl / kajal which you can apply on the lower lash line and smudge wit a bit to give it a smokey effect. Use a soft brown eyeshadow and blend it nicely. Then you can apply a light coating of kohl / kajal on the upper lash line (liner region) for a soft smokey look. You can also you a eyeshadow as liner as well.

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Sultry Look

Sultry look

A sultry look can be achieved in many ways but the easiest way will just take you 5 minutes; shocking isn’t it? But all you need for a sultry look is a dewy foundation, a short cream blush (though this look will require more of a coral bronzy blush) and a nice natural bronzer. 

The application of your base will just take you a few minutes as it is a mix of just a few basic products. The eye look will require a mix of soft brown and a softer pinky brown one to make your eyes pop out.

The main step here is to use the perfect mascara to tie the whole look together. Now all you need is a soft nude lipstick or a nude pinky lipstick and you are good to go.

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These looks are perfect for a day out or even a date with your significant other.