Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is a 700-verse Hindu scripture which is a part of the epic Mahabharata (chapters 23–40 of Bhishma Parva). Considered as one of the very important holy scriptures in Hindu religion, The Gita is a narration of a dialogue between Pandava prince Arjuna and Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who was also his guide and charioteer.

When the Dharma Yuddha (righteous war) took place between Pandavas and Kauravas, as per mythological scrptures, Arjuna was filled with moral dilemma about violence and death. Seeking Lord Krishna's counsel, The Bhagavad Gita is the detailed dilogue between the two with all the answers and philosophies which  cover a hige range of spiritual topics, the ethical dilemmas and philosophical issues which are way more than the war Arjuna faced. Picking just a small nuance from the dialogue are some quotes Lord Krishna spoke in The Gita, on the institution of marriage. So here are top 15 quotes which aee truly inspurig and if you open your heart to them, are truly inspiring with the power to change the dynamics of your marriage.

Top Quotes From The Bhagavad Gita On Marriage

"If a man loves a woman and if a woman loves a man, but families are against their love and marriage, then it is called as Dharma"

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This quote indicates the situation when a man and woman love each other and want to get married but their respective families are against it. This is when the couple is in a do or die dilemma which is called dharma.

"When you fall in love then your heart should fill with happiness, that does not come unless you surrender yourself completely"

Here the quote means that to love freely with all your being, you must let go all constraints and vulnerability. You must expect the least but give  your fullest. You will not experience true love until you let it all go.

"Your partner doesn't know how much you love them, they only know how much you care"

Love cannot be measured or written down in quantity. Love is a feeling whch can be felt by another only by your actions. It has no limits and must be expressed with all that care that you have to and must want to give to your partner. 

"Be the strength of your love never leave them alone"

If you love someone, have a partner, then do not give up. When you feel like giving up, stand back for a moment and think. Work on the problem, be the supoort that your partner needs and never leave his or her side. 

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"Trust your love and the whom you love"

If you have surrendered yourself to love then do not doubt it its power. It is a purity that comes or elates from you from within. If you love someone then trust the one whom you love. 

"Never hide anything from your partner. Never hurt your partner just for your own feelings"

Even if you are in a bad mood, you must not hurt your partner's feelings or treat them badly. Respect is of utmost importance and tou cannot be selfish. 

"If you are in love the love should be eternal"

Here the quote means that your love cannot be and must not be just for show. Love is about giving and should not be restricted or be just about the physical aspect. It is abut emotions and must be felt mentally. You have to feel it and make it eternal by being compassionate and caring from the heart. 

"Marriage has been the greatest achievement over Sanyasa"

A marriage is a holu tie between two individuals and is agift to lovers. They succeed together and become each other's confidant. It is a great achievemnt and a boon that must not be taken for granted.

"You can use marriage as far as your consciousness is to beget a child and grow him like a devotee"

Marriage is not just a bond between two lovers but also a blessing to start a family and bring in a life into this world. Do well to your grow your child into a devotee, a nice person. 

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"Of weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am the surabhi. Of causes for procreation I am Kandarpa, the god of love, and of serpents I am Vasuki"

In a marriage you take a vow to stand side by side with your partner untill death parts you. You must adhere to the vow and make sure your partner lives happily. 

"Some sacrifice the hearing process and the senses in the fire of mental control, and others sacrifice the objects of the senses in the fire of the senses"

Sometimes you do tend to lose your temper and in that moment you may even lose that control over your mind and senses. But in a relationship, a partner must sacrifice that anger for the other person.

"Be it a stone, a women, a man, or an animal – you’re married mentally and on a higher spiritual level to that being or thing, it doesn’t require any ritual agreement"

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A Marriage is an intitution whic is made of mental agreement and acceptance that you are now connected to your partner in all ways, forever. It is on a hght spiritual level. Marriage is like an unconditional duties that one decides to perform.


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