Let’s accept it as much as we love our pets, we adore our interiors too. Giving us true company our pet always helps us to deal with issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. But there are certain situations when the pets can also go through the same conditions. They start scratching the walls or doors when they are distressed, so is there a solution to this problem? Yes, by following some practical ways and making some lifestyle changes you can easily keep your pet calm and protect your interiors from any damage.

Reason Behind Scratching The Doors

scratching of the doors

You might have noticed when you leave your pets especially your dog, home for work they start scratching the walls or doors. The reason behind this behavioral change is anxiety and the feeling of separation they experience the moment you leave them. They even try to jump off the slabs and start running around the house to find a way to reunite with the owner.

How To Prevent The Pets From Scratching Doors?

The good news is that you can easily deal with the sudden agitation showed by your pet by making some modifications to your doors.

Using A Scratch Screen

dogs scratching the doors and walls

Scratch screens are easily available online and in the pet stores near you, it works as a tempered glass works for your phone or laptop screens. The scratch screens can protect your doors from the damage caused by your pet. You can easily put a plastic or metal scratch screen on the top of your doors and sit back and relax, you no longer have to worry about any scratches on the interiors as these sheets are highly durable. Moreover, you can always replace these screens easily whenever you feel that they have absorbed enough scratch marks.

Installing A kick Plate

A kick plate is a thin metal sheet that you can easily find in the market or get custom-made depending on the model of your door. You can either put the sheet on your door using screws and nails or simply get it in a slider form placed at the bottom of your door. This can help your pet to move freely through these plates without pushing and scratching the doors.


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Filing The Nails Of Your Pets

stop dog scratching doors

Filing the nails of your pets is very necessary so that they don’t unintentionally hurt someone or cause damage. Make sure your pet is relaxed and does not get scared during the filing process. To begin with, take a paw of your pet and file it down with the help of a filing tool or pumice stone. Keep filing the nails 10-15 times and then repeat the process with the other paw of your pet.

Make sure you are not touching the pink area present at the center of your pet’s paw that contains all the blood vessels and nerves. If you’ll touch this sensitive area then it can cause a lot of pain to your pet.


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Hire Someone To Help

how to keep your doors protected from pets

It is not always possible for us to take our pets everywhere we go, so it a good way to hire someone who can look after your pet in your absence. You can also leave your pet at a friend’s place so that it doesn’t scratch your doors or walls when you’re away. This will keep your dog accompanied and prevent it from getting anxious or distressed.

We hope these tips will help you out with protecting the doors from your pet’s scratches. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.