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    5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Aesthetically Appealing

    Finding ways to make your bedroom look like a dream? Look no more! 
    Published -12 Nov 2021, 15:22 ISTUpdated -12 Nov 2021, 15:33 IST
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    Bedrooms play a major role in our day-to-day life. We wake up and go to sleep in the same place and have the good and the bad dreams in the same bed in the same room, every single night. 

    Do you all want to renovate your room into a dreamy little space for yourself by yourself? Here are some things you can incorporate into your room without much hassle! 

    Fairy Lights

    Adding fairy lights is something we all have been dreaming of since we’ve seen multiple posts on Pinterest, haven’t we? 

    You can order a bunch of fairy lights from Amazon and hook them onto your walls or your headboard using transparent tape or double-sided tape to secure the lights. 

    For additional aesthetics, you can incorporate polaroid pictures into your fairy lights and attach them to a wall right in front of your bed. 


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    A canopy is super easy and comfortable to build. All you will need is a lace or silk falling fabric and a ring bracket to attach it to the top of the ceiling. 

    You can build a canopy on top of your bed or at the side of your room, all up to your comfort. 

    A canopy is something we preferred as kids and it met all our needs then. It certainly meets our needs for a private space in our house, that is incredibly comfortable and all to us. 

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    A tapestry is a sheet of fabric with a satisfactory print on it, according to your own comfort. 

    Whatever you like, you can have it on your wall! You can add photos, and fairy lights to enhance the look of the tapestry art.

    Having a tapestry in your room certainly gives you a gorgeous background for amazing selfies and pictures, not to forget videos to self-shoot for YouTube.

    Moon Lamp

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    Moon lamps have been common for today’s generation and have had a tremendous amount of sales in the consumer markets.

    Moon lamps have become popular for their visual representation of the moon’s light directly into your bedroom. 

    You can easily place one near your bed, with an electricity socket nearby, and switch it on whenever needed. It can also be used as a night lamp for many. 

    It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colours of choice. 

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    Neon Sign Board 

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    A neon signboard is something we all have been raving about for a while now. All we need is a person to get it made from and an electrical circuit near your headboard! 

    It is easy to find people who made neon signboards these days and easier to get them installed. It gives you a visually appealing view of your dream room.  

    You can get it customized in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, with characters and names embedded into it!

    How do you plan on renovating your room this season? Let us know on our official Instagram page and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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