Using soap and shower gels are a major part of our skincare regimen. It helps to wash and exfoliate our skin in the best way possible. But, when we buy them from stores, we might get some abrasive ingredients in it. Therefore, making them at home with easy steps makes complete sense.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in making soap at home, easily.

It's Time To Melt


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First of all, we will start by getting our soap base ready for further processing. While there are a lot many options to choose from while selecting the perfect soap base for your mix, you must go for clear and white melt and pour soap base which is ready for customization according to your own creative ideas and at the same time, it’s clear and cleansing, making it easier to add colours and additional ingredients such as sparkle and stuff. Next step is melting the premade soap base. Now, to melt the white soap base, take a metal container and place it on top of low to medium flame.

Heat it up empty for a duration of 2 minutes, then add the premade soap base cubes inside the hot container. Usually, the soap base should start to melt at around 120F. Set the flame to low once the soap base is melted down. Now, we are ready to add our additional ingredients to the mix in order to enhance the visual appearance of our soap. 

Adding Colours To The Soap 


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Add colours inside the melted soap base according to your requirement. Micas and colour blocks are easy to use and usually considered as one of the best options in colouring your clear soap base, because firstly, they are skin-safe and secondly, they look really great, the colour comes out very bright and appealing. After adding the colour, stir well. Moving on, we can also scent our soap by adding fragrance essential oils.

You must only go for essential oils which are marked safe for use over skin application. Once you've acquired your personal favourite scented essential oil, add about 0.3 oz of oil per pound of soap base. Now again, give your soap mix a sufficient amount of stir making sure that all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

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 Glycerine Is Important


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Moving on, we'll add about a tablespoon of glycerine at last. Glycerine is one of the most important ingredients in the whole soap making process. This is because glycerine helps draw and retain moisture on our skin(Skincare tips to try) and keeps it hydrated even after the bath.

Glycerine is a by-product of the natural saponification process, which is one the main reasons why these types of customized handmade soaps feel amazing on application. Also, the addition of glycerine makes it easy for the melt and pour process to happen more smoothly.

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 Let It Set


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In the final step, once we're done adding all of our ingredients in the melted soap base including colours, sparkles (optional), scents or fragrant essential oils and glycerine, give the mixture a final stir and cut off the flame. Now, take out your moulds and place them on a table with their open side facing upwards. You can use moulds of any shape or size, depending on your own choice in which shape you want your soap to be.

Make sure that you go for good quality moulds which can withstand high temperatures because a poor-quality moulds plastic can melt very quickly destroying your base. For this not to happen, always choose silicone and plastic moulds. Now, pour an equal amount of soap base mix into the moulds and leave it aside to cool down.

After the mix is completely cooled off, you can take it out. Out customized melt and pour soap is now ready!

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