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    How To Make A Poster

    The art of making posters is not quite easy but worry not because we are here to help!
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    Published -26 Oct 2021, 12:51 ISTUpdated -26 Oct 2021, 13:32 IST
    poster ideas for beginners

    You might remember poster making from your childhood when teachers used to ask you to make a poster for Earth Day or an Annual Function. Poster making in actuality has more significance than it lays on. In olden times when there was no TV, radios or the internet; it was posters which would tell you which drama was going on in the theater or about any new ventures. If we go way back to the independence struggle then posters and newspapers were used to communicate feeling of nationalism. 

    Even in today's time posters are quite important; just a bit modernised and the media that we can use is more versatile. 

    Have A Vision

    Have a vision

    Having a vision is extremely important since it is the base of your whole poster. The vision is like the building blocks of any poster as without a vision you can not achieve the end result. 

    Vision is basically what you want and the idea behind it. Start with what the topic at hand is and then start from there. If it's a movie poster then think about how you want to display it. You need to take every tiny aspect in mind from the genre, theme, aesthetic and spacing in mind. 

    You can always make a vision board to help you out. If you are making a digital poster then you can take images online with fonts and layout and make a small vision board and if it's on paper then magazine's, newspapers and print outs are your best bet. 

    Have A Theme And Aesthetic 

    have a theme

    Once you know what you want and you have a clear vision; now you can start working on the theme and aesthetics. In the vision board you must have added certain pictures you like with fonts that go with it; well this is a basic outline of your aesthetics as all you need to do now is to refine the idea even more. 

    Yes, you have to do more foundation work and research before you start making the poster. A good poster has a basic theme which should depict what your poster is all about. For example; if you are making a poster for a horror movie then the theme would be a bit dark and aesthetics will depend on what the horror movie is on; ghosts, vampires, werewolves etc. Having your aesthetic match the theme is absolute bliss but if you want something contrasting then it's all on how you balance out the elements in the poster. 

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    Eyecatching Font

    eyecatching fonts

    Posters are usually meant to be seen from afar and attract bypassers but in today's time the posters have turned digital so the fonts will vary a bit depending on the media. Though the basic rule of making a poster is to have big attractive fonts. Fonts should be eye catching in a poster as they tell the reader what, where and how in a poster. If its a movie poster the name of the movie is in big fonts with release date and cast whereas if it's an event poster it has the venue, date and time in bold for everyone to understand. 

    Digital posters though have taken this to a next level with stunning posters and the fonts are of all sizes. Have you seen a poster with the title written with a bunch of words strung together to spell something out? It is a neat technique which can be used to conceal hidden messages for the adventurer inside; this would especially be fun for a poster for an escape room event. 

    Know What Graphics You Want

    Know what graphics you want to use

    Graphics are the best part of any poster; graphics is what catches everyone's attention. Beautiful yet minimalistic graphics are much more desirable as having too many chaotic graphics can lead to a messy poster. Graphics can be fun to play around with especially after the birth of digital art the idea of graphics and what they can do has expanded. You can use graphics as texts or even leave the text out if the graphics are loud denotations of what you want to express. The idea of graphics is just so much more versatile now with hidden messages in the posters to just having fun with them. 

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    Layout may sound like the easiest part but is actually quite hard. You really should try to make sure to stay in the minimalist sphere but if you really want to do something crazy and artistic then make sure it is understandable and the vision shines through. Depending on the poster theme you can make it in a potrait mode or a landscape. Though poters are usually made in potrait there are some posters which look stunning in landscape mode

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