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    Paint Your Room According To Your Mood

    What if your room could reflect your mood or better; what if your room could help you feel better? Read up to find out how.
    • Neha Pande
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    Published -22 Oct 2021, 16:47 ISTUpdated -26 Oct 2021, 11:30 IST
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    Colours are absolutely fun to work with but do you know that colours can actually affect our mood? Colour Psychology shows us how a certain colours can change our mood. You might have noticed that being around certain colours can make you happy, excited, calm etc. 

    We can use these colour palettes to mix and match, creating an ambiance we want. This will not only create a nice vibe and ambiance but also has a good effect on our mental health. Here we have 5 basic colour palettes you can use to create around a beautiful ambiance and paint your room according to your room. 

    Zen White 

    zen white

    What does a person want the most in life? No it's not money because after a certain point of time you would like peace, a sense environment you feel peaceful in. The introvert in you will absolutely adore the white zen walls which are just so crisp and clean. White walls are beautiful and you can meditate in this environment or just lay back and read a novel without any troubles in the world. 

    In India the colour white is a symbol for purity, cleanliness, peace and knowledge. Saraswati, The goddess of knowledge is often shown as wearing white while sitting on top of a white lotus. You can make your white room a comfortable temple of peace where you can relax and unwind. Try to incorporate some soft pastels and maybe add fluffy white pillows also try to avoid paintiong mistakes because white does stain easily.

    Calming Blue 

    calming blue

    Blue is like a calm ocean; sweet, calm and quiet. This is the place where you want to rest after a long stressful day or for the days when you just want to chill and laze around. Blue walls will make you just want to take a nap or maybe watch your favourite series and relax. Blue is the personification of "dude, slow down and relax." 

    Blue is actually said to be beneficial for the mind and body and is said to slow human metabolism. It actually has a calming effect on your mind and is associated with tranquility and calmness which is perfect for someone who has stress issues or anxiety issues. 

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    Joyful Yellow 

    joyful yellow

    Yellow is the personification of 'sweet little ball of sunshine!' Yellow is such an positive and happy colour which builds an energetic ambiance around itself. You can use warm toned colours with yellow like orange, rust, dusky colours etc. to make the yellow shine or you can even use shades of yellow to give your room dimension and make it look bright and open instead of meek and closed off. 

    The colour yellow is often linked with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy it gives out a soft warming effect of cheerfulness and is known to stimulate mental activity making you feel energetic. Make sure to stock in food because this colour is also going to make you feel a bit hugry given that it is also associated with food. 

    Passionate Red 

    passionate red

    Oh la la, red here is the colour of passion, love and romance! A red rose is what you give a lover and red walls are perfect for a romantic room setting. If you are getting married or are newly married or just want romance in life then think of red tones for your room like reds and fuschia in deep tones, they will look absolutely stunning with the right mood lighting and soft printed linens and drapes to bring out the romance in red. 

    Red is a very emotionally intense colour and is associated with passion, determination and love. Red walls are going to bring so much passion, determination and love in your life. 

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    Fresh Green 

    fresh green

    The nature's colour green is for all the nature lovers. Green symbolises hope and prosperity and may the green walls help with your success. Green shades like olives, deep greens etc. will look absolutely stunning together. You can even put in some succulents and small flowers to make it look like nature's paradise. May the green remind you of all the opportunities you have in your life to grow and seize the day!  

    Green is strongly associated with personal and professional growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. It has a strong bond with safety, money and is known to have healing powers. It is easy on the eye and it can result in improving vision.

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