When the weather is too humid or it is too hot, we tend to sweat profusely. The sweat gets soaked into our clothes and most people do not change until the day is over.  Even after that when you wash these clothes, there tends to be a bad, damp odour which may even make you gag and this happens especially when the clothes are washed in a washing machine. So what do we do? 

During monsoon when humidity is at its peak, a musty or damp smell in the clothes becomes a common phenomenon. There are several reasons why this might be a recurring issue:

Moldy Insides If A Washing Machine

Even if it is not in monsoon, you must keep your washing machine clean. Take a look inside the machine especially in the crevices, the hidden areas of the front-loading machines. Check out the door gasket where you may see some mold. Keep checking on your machine at least twice a month as this can lead to serious hygiene issues. If you cannot do it on your own, call for a person who does the service but do get it cleaned.

Overloading The Washing Machine

Your machine is huge and all the laundry clothes fit in it but do you realise that the clothes need space to be cleaned properly? If you overload the machine, the clothes will not have space to move around and this retains the stink. So not only will they remain dirty, there will be an added and accentuated smell as well. 

Body Soil On The Fabric

body soil on fabric

Not all clothes can be cleaned easily especially when we talk of bedsheets and towels where the body soil seeps into the fabric. 

Wet Laundry On Stand-By

Why leave your laundry wet for too long after washing? You must immediately put them out for drying as these can become a playground for bacteria and mold. The sour smell is obnoxious and that is the last thing you need. 

What To Do To Get Rid Of The Sour Smell In Clothes

Quit Piling

quit piling

Instead of piling up clothes for many days until they can fit the washing machine, it is best to clean them up as and when they get dirty. Either you keep them in an open area like an open box or wash them because storing them in a closed area amid humidity worsens the smell. It will not go even after washing the clothes. It is best to hang them on a rope and then wash them later. 

Baking Soda & Vinegar

baking soda clothes

These two elements are multi-purpose and we thank their inventor indeed! At times, a regular washing powder is not adequate to give out that fresh smell. So mix baking soda or vinegar in water and pour along with the detergent. This will neutralise the odour and work on the unpleasant smell. 

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Dry Clothes Inside

When it rains, we tend to push the date for washing clothes but that is not a very good idea. It is best to make some space for a clothesline inside the house during the monsoon and let those clothes dry under the fan. When the sun is out, put them out and let them dry then to get rid of any moisture.

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Leaving The Washing Machine Door Open

After washing the clothes, you must remember that it is still damp inside. So leave your machine lid open and let it air dry. This helps in clearing the possibility of mold as it tends to grow in dark and damp areas. 


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